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1576 Live Long and Cranky

1576 Live Long and Cranky

A new study puts you cheerful optimistic yea-sayers in their place.   It says you have no advantage over us curmudgeons who start life with colic and as toddlers are already on the verge of making a motto of “get your dog off my lawn.”

Crankiness is not, it says, life shortening or damaging to your health.  The study was limited to about 70- thousand women in Britain.  But its results can be extended to cover anyone.  You included.

This information has been a long time in coming.  But the stirrings have been there for a long time.

Let’s differentiate between people who ARE cranks and those you just think are cranks.  And for that distinction, we owe thanks to writer Jessica Bennett who may or may not have coined the term “RBF.”

That stands for Resting B*tch face, people whose facial features fall naturally into what others interpret as a scowl or anger or sadness.  Bennett restricted her writing to women.  But many guys have it, too.

So people far and wide assume the person behind the face is in a foul mood.  It’s a reasonable assumption, but not necessarily a correct one.

But those are not the people we’re talking about here. It’s the real cranks who should take comfort from the Oxford professors who conducted the multi- year study.

Are we more likely to have cancer?  Or walk in front of a fast- moving train?  No.  Do our hearts give out earlier or faster than those of people who never blow a gasket?  No.

And ask yourself this:  Whom do you trust more, the smiley faced used car salesman or the RBF- affected grumpy old man who ladders up a tree to rescue your stranded cat without your having to ask?

How about the teacher who demands excellence from you when she knows you have it in you compare (and contrast to keep up the academic image) who flunks you with a smile because you’re “such a good person?”

Doom and gloom has its place.
And these days, there’s more reason than ever to feel that way.

Read what’s left of your morning newspaper  or watch CNN for an hour and then honestly tell yourself “it’ll all work out.” No it won’t.

You have to come by this either naturally or allow it to evolve naturally over time.  So if you’re one of those annoying chirpy people, don’t go for the sudden change.

As for the rest of us, realists, perhaps, carry on.

“Put a smile on your face for the whole human race.” What are you smoking?

Or are you Just Plain Nuts?


--Hillary Clinton says “Bill might be useful in the White House” conducting tours, helping design vegetarian menus and maybe sharing some thinking on Putin or the economy. Just suppose she had been president for eight years and he were running for office now. Is that the kind of marginalizing we would expect from a president’s spouse?

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