Wednesday, January 13, 2016

1590 The PIC and the PAC

1590 The PIC and the PAC

It’s time to form a Political Inaction Committee.  This would be a group to pay candidates to not run or to drop out.

The Supreme Court cleared the way for us when it ruled in the Citizens United case.  Unlimited money. Technically, a political action committee must have a firewall between itself and a candidate’s campaign.  But we all know it’s a firewall made of Saran Wrap… clear and easily burned, melted or ignored.

In its most pristine form, the PIC could simply place ads and hold rallies supporting a would be candidate's decision not to run.

PICs could commission polls that would show members of congress in such bad standing that it would be in their interest to take early retirement and disappear.

PICs could slime incompetent and corrupt politicians who use their office for personal gain. (Are you listening Shelly and Dean?)  They could spread rumors.  They could hire hitmen.

In reality, the PIC could just collect and distribute bribes.  By the time a case against these organizations reached the Supreme Court there would be so much chaos -- financial and ideological -- that it could take decades to resolve.  Nothing like a little chaos to perpetuate our resolve.

While it’s unlikely that many -- or even any -- of the current justices will still be serving decades from now, if the court carries on the Rehnquist/Roberts tradition, the final ruling could favor us.

The only people who can take care of bad guys with too much money are good guys with too much money.

PACs are like shooting sprees.  You don’t have a chance once they start.  So if the Klock Brothers’ Political Action Committee invades, say, the Republican Party, we need equally funded law abiding citizens to counter spend the PACs.

But always remember, dirty money doesn’t elect people, people elect people.  And until all of us are sufficiently rich, it’s necessary for ordinary citizens to pack greenbacks.

While at home, please be sure you keep them locked up in a greenback safe. And for heaven’s sake, keep them away from children.

And remember… if a rich guy invades your house, the only thing that will stop him is outspending him.


--We recently missed mentioning the recently observed the 95th anniversary of women’s suffrage. Congratulations.  And be thankful that the 19th Amendment came before some cliche writer thought up “another all male bastion has fallen” a phrase worked to death but refuses to die.

--We are dispatching Uncle Ralphie of the Rego Park Social Club to interview actor Sean Penn who hasn’t been seen since his escape from a high security soundstage in Burbank.  Come to think of it, no one’s seen Uncle Ralphie lately either.  But we’ve sent him the only kind of message guys like Ralph understand, and we’re sure he’ll get the job done… or else.

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