Friday, May 06, 2016

1639 The Sane Republican

Show of hands, please.  How many of you are sane Republicans?  

Hmmm.  All the hands are up.  Well, maybe we should look for a new way to ask that question.  

Many of those raised hands are attached to the shoulders of liars.  That said, there are plenty of sane Republicans, many of them in hiding.

To those who are telling the truth, a question:  What are you going to do?  Early on, you were faced with umpteen possible presidential candidates.  In time, most of them dropped out.  Including those representing the sane caucus which holds weekly meetings in the last remaining sit down phone booth at the Detroit Country Club in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

Recently, the candidate roster got down to three guys, Trump, Cruz and Kasich.

Now, it’s down to one, Trump.

Kasich was so near the bottom of the polls it’s surprising his candidacy lasted as long as it did. That he disengaged from the presidential race is to his credit.  Why waste all that time, effort, energy and money for a hopeless cause?

Cruz was the worst of a bad lot.  And the most dangerous.  That he closed his shop is a tribute to those who recognize the danger he posed to America. He was inflexible, juvenile, had no credibility and lacked the “natural born citizen” constitutional requirement for US president.  

In his first hundred days, Cruz was prepared to turn the clock back on eight years of genuine accomplishment in the Obama administration.  He was ready to

--eliminate the affordable care act
--enforce religious conformity
--leave the big banks and other financial institutions intact.
--Return French fries to the cafeterias of public schools.

With Ted out of the running, at least we can worry less about Carly Fiorina playing any future role in the next administration.

But back to Ted. No one likes Cruz, even the people who say they do. No one respects him, even those who lie about liking him.

With those last two guys out of the running, we’re left with Mr. Deal, Donald Trump, who appears lost at sea without paddle or compass. And no one knows what -- if anything -- he stands for.

We do, however, know what he stands against: Current trade laws, Mexican emigres, Muslims, taxing the rich and consistency.

So, sane ones, what do you do?  Hold your nose and vote for dealin’ Donald?  Hold your nose and mouth and vote for Billary? Or sit on your hands at home on election day?

--Lacking in recent media attention, Republican talking head Mary Matalin has left the party. She’s registered as a Libertarian. But, she insists, this has nothing to do with Trump.

--The planet Mercury will pass directly across the sun this coming Monday, 5/9/16.  It will appear as a black dot.  Kind of like the sun has developed skin cancer because it’s out in the sun too long and doesn’t use high enough SPF.

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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