Monday, May 09, 2016

1640 From Afghanistan to Zika

Time for a news diet.  There’s just too much junk out there to take it all in. Gotta slim down.  From Afghanistan to Zika we are bombed so often it’s easy to reach for the bottle of Jack and get self-bombed.

First thing to do is be your own father or mother.  You can use the “parental controls” from your TV service to block Wolf and Scarborough and Megyn.

You can donate your radio to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  Goodbye to Rush, Savage, Beck, Hannity and All Things Considered.  You can live without Lakshmi Singh, Dina Temple-Raston and Robert Siegel.

You can remove the news sites from your internet “favorites” or “bookmarks.”  You can change your passwords on Facebook and Twitter and then forget what you changed them to.

Your life will be easier if you pay no attention to the latest body counts in Syria, the number of pregnant women who may give birth to Thalidomide babies because of Zika, the latest misleading political polls and who can use which bathroom.

Or you can use the Weight Watchers point system.  Assign number values for each source.  Assign yourself a maximum number.  And when you reach the day’s number, that’s it. Over. Done.

But if there’s an exercise requirement, no need to leave the couch.  Just pick up a book every once in awhile.

--Trump is the equivalent of a third party presidential candidate.  Yes, he’s running as a Republican, but actual republicans want nothing to do with him. And unlike all the other independents and splinter party candidates in recent history, he stands a chance of actually winning.  

-In taking my own advice about the length of novels and the point value of news, this Wessay is 25% shorter than usual.

-It’s also certified organic, gluten and GMO free and no news sources were hurt in its preparation.

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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