Friday, March 16, 2018

1918 The Issue is Character

Being a lousy human being is not an impeachable offense. But they’ll find a twist of law or something… uh… trumped up charge against trump like they did with Clinton. Whether some obscure quirk they throw against the wall during the Senate trial sticks depends on who wins the majority vote in November.

What might they consider?  Well, chaos. Running the White House like the casting cattle call for a reality TV show.  Then there’s the grabbing of women's private parts.  Or talking about it.  Or having an affair while your wife is just out of the delivery room.  How about tariffs that shouldn’t be?  Or understaffing?  Or golf outings at seven figure public expense? Or profiting from the hotels where supplicants and sycophants are expected to await their audience with his Holy trumpedness?

Then there’s the nepotism tango that goes on in the administration’s inner sanctum.  The failed realtor son-in-law and the dress and jewelry saleswoman daughter.  How about the cabinet bashing?

How about the lies upon lies, those easily verified and those not?

And the tweets.

And finding virtue in skinheads and other racists.

And the slump in national morale.

And the thinly veiled laughter of our allies who now make fun of us in private and will soon go public.

And Russia.
Draining the swamp?  The mosquitos are feasting.

Biggest brains in the cabinet in our lifetime?  You mean like Betsy DiVorce and Ben Carson and Rick Perry and Tom Price? McMahon? Shulken?

These guys make Sessions look like Clarence Darrow or William Brennan or Perry Mason or Jack McCoy.

Firing Preet Bharara. And Jim Comey.  

Hiring Gorsuch.  And heaven help us if Ginsburg or Kennedy retires. Hiring non economist Larry Kudlow because he’s a radio and TV star.  Hiring convicted pedophile George Nader to do who-knows-what in the Middle East.

Had enough?  No? Okay. How about climate change denial, cheating his workers, stiffing his creditors. Employing undocumented workers. Denying rentals to African Americans. How about reneging on promises.  The president’s word is his bond?  Not in this lifetime.

No dignity either. “Little Marco,” “Rocket Man,” “Al Frankenstein,” “Crooked Hillary” “Pocahontas.” Former president “W” at least had the dignity to call Karl Rove “turd blossom” only in private.

And boasting, boasting, boasting.

Now will come the attacks on Mueller.  That will only strengthen Mueller’s prodigious stubborn streak. It will do no good.  President trump is history one way or another. 

Because the issue is character.

--Declaration: I am a mathematician though I have never gotten a degree in the subject. But I once balanced my checkbook and I hang out with others who can do that. If that kind of credential allows Larry “Cokey” Kudlow to call himself an economist, that why not this?

--Kuddles Kudlow the new econo-maven says he’s an economist but isn’t, even if he hangs out with Charles Laffer.  He is the carnival barker propagandist for a failed economic theory that has proven itself wrong in almost every case and has credentials that are irrelevant to the job description.  Even the Reagan supply siders don’t believe in it anymore, but no one’s listening to them.

--The bankruptcies of iHeart Radio and Toys R Us isn’t Amazon’s fault. It’s the fault of Bain Capital and other private equity funds that buy businesses and then garrotte them with debt. With the debt load of these two companies, you could provide health insurance for ten million people.

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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