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1932 trump's War of Diversion

1932 trump’s War of Diversion

Someone ring the bell for the next round.  With all his troubles in the legal area of New York and the legal and legislative arenas of Washington what does trump do?  What so many other scandal scarred presidents have done before him.  He starts a war.

America didn’t not learn its lesson on nation building by getting rid of the evilest of evil terrible horrendous miserable dictators of the moment, Saddam Hussein.  And the foibles of other presidents were small compared to what trump faces.

Both Bushes had outs they failed to take in Iraq.  Reagan had an out and failed to take it in Nicaragua. And Nixon?  Yes, even Nixon had a legitimate exit strategy.  It’s obvious trump has none.  And the only thing he knows to do is lie. 

What about this time?  In his announcement of strikes against Syria Friday he described in gruesome detail the effects of chemical weapons on the people who died when -- as we’re told -- Syria’s government used them against innocent civilians.  

Do you think he really cares about those people?  Only if the military attacks keep his real worries off the front page, the cable panel “news” shows and the lead to the nightly news.

trump cares about glorious pieces of chocolate cake.  And women who willingly oblige him but who wouldn’t give him the time of day let alone access to their bodies if he weren’t a multi thousandaire.[i]

The military strikes against the Assad regime are not going force Assad into a Saddam Hussein style hidey hole in the middle of a traveling tent city in the middle of the desert.   And they’re not going to divert attention from Mueller vs. trump or the woes of his Tom Hagen-like consigliere Mike “the fixer” Cohen (a Long Island boy, by the way.)

Envision:  trump, like HW Bush before him, rings up a couple of other world leaders -- in this case England and France and asks them to send a couple of army grunts to participate in the invasion. They agree.

Then he calls Assad and says “Look Haf-azz, we’re going to hit some of your poison gas stations and you’d best move all that evil crap somewhere else so you’ll still have it on hand when you need gas a few more A-rabs.”

Assad answers: “Haf-azz was my father, I’m Bashar al Assad. But you can call me Al.  Listen up, bud: you’re going to have to telegraph your intentions in a tweet otherwise the world will know we’re phone buddies and Facebook friends.”

trump: “Yeah, you got a point.  I’ll tweet something out while I’m on the toilet after dinner.”  

Which is what happened.

Looks like he managed to knock the legal troubles off the front page, at least for the Sunday papers.  Not a mention of that at the top of the websites of the New York Times or Daily News.  And the Post led with a story about Mrs. t, Melanoma, who thinks she’s not getting enough attention from the media these days.

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[i] Thanks to Gail Collins for “thousandaire.”

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