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1937 Admiral Dropout

1937 Admiral Dropout

This time it’s not all trump’s fault. Well, not completely. Obama had a hand in the 80-knot race to Admiral of Dr. Ronny Jackson.  He was and still maybe trump’s official physician.  He was and may still be the head of the white house medical unit.  But what he isn’t and won’t be is head of the Veterans Administration.

Handsome and dashing, Dr. Rum and Coke ran into series of terrible headwinds trying to make it to office, and so rough were the seas he was forced to return to port and withdraw his nomination.

Why drag Obama into these high seas? Well, Dr. Ronny was his official doc too.  And no one heard a word about missing opiate prescriptions or the order of the day: mandatory Diet Coke and Rum on his nightstand during travels.

Was this part of the Democratic Party Conspiracy to bring trump down?  Well, kind of.  But it’s also the presidential vetting process, which is kind of like the president’s policy on anything.  In this case, pick a handy guy or a guy whose lip prints remain clear on his butt, and choose him.

So, it was that Dr. Percocet was nominated between pronouncing his patient-in-chief “not obese” and downing another Sailor Jerry’s and cola fell into the job.

Let’s be clear.  Dr. Magic Disappearing Opium did not crash a government car.  Just ask him.  Really. He (says he) didn’t.

Gee, ya think this lovely drunken sailor really did all that bad stuff. Maybe they could get Dr. Carson to give him a checkup in between his tripling rents for welfare queens.  Aren’t these nominees subject to the same random drug/alcohol tests as, say, your average factory worker or department store clerk?  Yeah, sure they are.  But there are so many tump-ets and they change so fast no one gets around to it.

Poor Admiral Seasick.  He had to get up there and withdraw his nomination because, as he said, it was becoming a distraction.  Yeah. It took the spotlight off the president for a sliver of time, and that’s a no no.

Now that the storm has passed, it should be smooth sailing for the next port of call, wherever that may be.  But before you ship out, doc, can you prescribe something for this pain in my elbow?  How much?  Nah. Forget about it.

--Not a good day for doctors… not Ronny Jackson and not for another work of fiction, Cliff Huxtable.  That would be Bill Cosby, 80, who could face thirty years on ice if he lives that long.  Such can be the sentence for his three-strikes conviction on sex abuse charges Thursday.

--Finally got to see the film about college football coach Joe Paterno. It evoked the same feeling of revolting creepiness that the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky boy bopping scandal brought to throat as it unfolded in 2011.  Paterno didn’t have the good sense to retire as soon as he could and neither has Al Pacino who plays him on TV.

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