Monday, April 23, 2018

1935 Lewis Carroll and George Orwell on Campus

The head-spinning babble out of so many school authorities translated for the toiling, translator-challenged masses:

Let’s start here: The School Board wants students to have a voice but did not condone this demonstration.

That should be in quotation marks but then we’d have to name names and the superintendent of that district would probably die of embarrassment if he heard his own words. And we don’t advocate death by embarrassment.

He was speaking about the kids who on the 19th Anniversary of the the Columbine High School mass murders in Colorado high schoolers across the country skipped part of the school day to demonstrate for sane gun regulation.

“We want the students to have a voice.”  (Oh, but let’s not carried away. They’ll miss an important lecture on Bernoulli’s Principle or the number of Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock and killed Native Americans (but not by embarrassment.)

“We want the students to express their beliefs and feelings.”  (Yeah, just not on school time and/or school grounds.)

Both Orwell and Carroll would be proud.

This blather is exactly the kind of thing the students protested.  They focused on gun laws.  But behind that is exactly the blivit of double talk that enrages people and undermines this country.

We don’t get it straight from anyone these days.  You listen carefully to these so-called educators praising then punishing the participants and you hear… what? Fear? Lies? Both.

Face it, the demonstrators -- whatever their cause -- are temporarily stopping the machine that education has become.  That breaks the prime directive of high school, “Don’t stop the machine.” Someone may notice and (shudder) maybe even excoriate us administrators.  Someone will send a memo explaining that even people who aren’t in high school know what “excoriate” means and so that can no longer be part of the secret edu-code.  Make up a new word.

So, let’s hope those law breaking high schoolers continue getting out on the soccer field or the front lawn or the public park and keep pounding heads about gun laws.  They’re right and you know it. 

And as they come of age, they’re going to stop another perpetual motion machine:  the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government.  It soon will be their machine. And with any luck, they’ll run it without guaranteed elections, dirty presidents, dirty money and firearms.

Their message: Stop screwing with lingo and start correcting decades -- maybe centuries -- of wrong.  Build that machine so that it’s a rental, not an ownership.

“Am I Next?” -- sign with slogan carried by many of the anti-gun high school demonstrators.

--Earth Day 2018 has come and gone and surprisingly we still have an earth to celebrate… or at least recognize.  This space has long suggested readers and listeners consider buying open land in the area of Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky.  That’s almost sure to be the new Atlantic seacoast.

--Memo to Barbara Bush:  Now that you’re dead there are all kinds of things you can do that you couldn’t do during life on earth. Here’s hoping one of the first will be seek out Nancy Reagan and punch her in the nose for the way she treated you.  If she’s actually up there with you, which may not be the case.

--A check with confirms a suspicion long held in some circles.  Kim and trump are related. They are forever bound together by their ability to lie and brag, and that’s genetic.

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