Friday, August 03, 2018

1978 On the Bread Line

1978 On the Bread Line

Today’s entry is abbreviated due to a small, storm-related flood in the basement of the Wessays ™ Secret Mountain Laboratory in NewRoses PA.

A secret friend found occasionally in this space has reappeared.  We call him Young Einstein when he makes a common blunder or doesn’t know something everyone should.

This time, a story about a trip to the grocery store.  Here he is with his basket full of stuff approaching the cashier.  He has his Visa card handy. He is putting cans and bottles and jars and bags of vegetables on the conveyor belt.  He is checked out.  The tally comes to $48.83.  He hands his driver’s license to the cashier. She looks at it curiosity on her face.

“You can’t use a driver’s license to pay for your order, sir.”

Y.E. replies: “Yes, I know that.  I’m just showing it to you before I put my chip card into the reader.”

Cashier: “You do not need to do that, sir, unless you’re buying beer.  We do not sell beer.”

Y.E.: “I heard the president of the United States say you need photo i.d. at the grocery checkout.”

Cashier: “That’s not true.”

Y.E.: “You mean the president lied when he said that?”

Cashier: “Yes.”

Y.E.: “But I heard him say it on You Tube!  Or maybe it was Twitter.”

Cashier: “Well, then, stop getting your news from the internet.  Now, please insert your chip card or I’ll call security and have you thrown out.”

Young Einstein wanted the last word.  Something along the lines of “You know, you’re beautiful when your angry?”  But he thought better of it and decided to check out before he got thrown out.

All of which brings us to the issue of voter IDs the main subject when trump commented on grocery lines.

Even Young Einstein knows this is a trick from Republicans who don’t want low income people to vote because they generally vote for Democrats.

Besides that, why don’t they want poor people to vote?  Because if poor people vote for Republicans, then Republicans will hit them up for contributions. Poor people don’t have enough money to make contributions.  So when they don’t contribute, the party has to turn to its True Friends, which include but are not limited to Big Moneybags.

This has two distinct advantages.

1.    They make big contributions. And
2.     They tell the party what to think, feel and --most important-- to do.

This eliminates the necessity of thinking.  And who these days wants to think? 

GRAPESHOT: “Young Einstein” is what I call myself when I do something really dumb.

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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