Monday, August 06, 2018

Granny's Cranky Today So Let's Dope Her Up

The papers say a lot of nursing homes are giving psycho drugs to men and women who don’t need them because they’re “disruptive.”  That turns them into head-bobbing, drooling, sleepy, creepy docile people.  And drooling, sleepy, creepy docile people make things at Kittendale Nursing Home go smoothly.

Many more people get psychotropic drugs than have the matching psychoses, said the Wall Street Journal years ago, which is not given to slighting profit-grabbing psychos of another kind, the kind that make money for their stockholders and, not incidentally, for themselves.

So if the Journal says this is happening, it’s probably happening because they don’t do anti-business stories without extreme provocation, like when an editor’s mother gets an overdose of Thorazine because she bit an attendant who wanted to steal her 150-year old family heirloom necklace, or her teeth.

They’re turning your grandparents into zombies so they don’t fuss about the food, the dirty laundry, the dirty floors or the stink.  They’re turning your grandparents into zombies because they complain about the lousy food and the bad lighting and the cheap cable TV service – cheap, but not inexpensive.

They’re turning your grandparents into zombies so they won’t call for help while the floor nurse and the resident MD are doing the nasty in the pantry and don’t want to be distracted.

They’re turning your grandparents into zombies so they won’t notice that no one’s made the bed in four days and the eggs at breakfast are cold, the prescribed medicine isn’t being given or is being over-given and the sink and toilet don’t work.

But this isn’t anything new.  Antipsychotic drugs get doled out like samples at a pyramid scheme sales pitch and always have.  What’s new is the latest incarnations of the drugs themselves.

They’re so effective the victims don’t know they’re under the influence.  Unless, of course, they try to pilot those rusty wheel chairs into some area where no chair has gone before – like the sex pantry.

These drugs have black box warnings.  A black box warning, says Phil Metcalfe of the Citizens Against Drugs Work-Group, is one that’s so important they put a black box around it so you won’t think it’s just another anti-tobacco spiel.

These drugs, says Phil, are so powerful the people who are forced fed them have no memory of the crime, and bob and drool as if they’d done it all their lives.

Time to go ‘round the wards at the nursing homes, collect this stuff and give it to people who really need it.  Our president, for example. And his Amen Cabinet and our Cowardly Congress.

If we’re going to zombify anyone, it should be the people who got us into the social, tactical and economic messes we’re in now.  Let them sit around the oval office and the various legislative offices and drool and bob their heads. 

Psychotropics and antipsychotics will help them forget who they are, which will benefit us and, to an extent, them.

Meantime, someone give Zombie Grannie a wakeup call and a new set of teeth.

--The Association of Pet Obesity Prevention, of which most of us had never heard of says 100 million American dogs and cats are overweight. That’s 56% of cats and 60% of dogs.  Is there a “lite” version Ken-L-Ration or Fancy Feast?

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