Friday, August 24, 2018

1987 Baby Pictures

What parent doesn’t love to show off pictures of the newborns, the oldborns and at every stage of life in between? It’s a time-honored tradition that predates the Kodak Brownie.

And it’s wonderful to see the children of friends and family on Facebook or in emails and sometimes even with the actual kid sitting on your lap.

But sometimes, the urge to show off becomes unsettling.  Especially when the “baby” causes trouble beyond the boundaries of immediate family.

Which brings us to the president, a man parented by the media which now cannot resist showing him off. Daily. Hourly.  Sometimes by the minute.

And we’ve been doing it since his birth, first as New Yorkers, then as golf enthusiasts and travelers, then as television watchers and now as president.

“Donald’s vocabulary has been increasing lately. Here’s a video of some of his new words.  And notice that he’s speaking an actual complete sentence.”
Here’s where the proud parents play the tape of him saying “Lock her up! Lock her up!”  Isn’t he cuuuute?

And look here… it’s dondon with his first girlfriend. (Show Ivana in a maternity dress.)

We’re proud of our offspring even though we spawned a monster.  

Can’t wait to show you some new pictures.  Here’s one… it’s a mugshot. Isn’t he just so darling!

Yes, yes, we all make mistakes. Sometimes we even repeat them.  But he’s trying to turn his life around and we’re trying to help him by putting his face in your face a million times a week.

He told the judge, reading from a cue card “I’m not a bad person, your honor.”  That would have been fine if he had just stopped there.  But you know baby Dondon.  Then he added “and just because some losers and whiners on a jury think I am doesn’t make it so.”

Poor baby.  Maybe he has some condition that makes him blurt out weird stuff that eventually hits him in the nose.  Or maybe they shouldn’t have allowed cameras in the courtroom.

--trump backer and congressman Duncan “Dippin’” Hunter (R-CA) is free on 15-thousand dollars bond after pleading not guilty to federal charges of using campaign money for personal expenses.  Outside the courtroom, people gathered to shame him.  All we want to know is where the bail money came from.

--trump friend and appropriately named tabloid “news”paper exec David Pecker has been given immunity in the Pecker Presidential Payoff case. That looks like a story fit for the front page of his National Enquirer.  Know any safecrackers?

--Rebellious Jeff Sessions bit former friend trump by denying allegations he hasn’t taken control of the Justice Department as Attorneys General are supposed to. Along with that chunk of mud, trump said he never would have nominated Sessions if he knew Jeffy would recuse himself from the Russia investigation. That’s probably the first piece of truth out of the president’s mouth this week… if not this year.

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