Friday, December 07, 2018

2028 Holiday Lights

Did you put yours up yet?  A lot of people did, some of them as early as Labor Day.  Many others waited until Thanksgiving.  But everyone else is slacking.  C’mon. Hanukkah is almost over. Christmas is near.  Kwanzaa starts 12/26.

We’re leaning toward leaving the lights up all year.  We lean that way every year when we start unloading and testing the lights, the little decorations and what feel like thousands of other things jammed into two huge plastic bins.  

We delay taking them down, thinking “Yes! This is the year we’re going to leave them in place. But by early January, they seem kind of forlorn over the living room window, the dining room window, the sunroom window, the main bedroom and the front door.

Actually, our front door is on the side of the house and we rarely see it.  But sometimes the Condo Association sends around what we’ve come to call “the exterior police” to remind us that “The association says Christmas decorations need to be removed before January 10th, according to ‘Rule #483, Paragraph “d” subsection 14. Line 23.’”

Well, now.

Dear Condo Cops: we are not Christians and don’t celebrate Christmas.  Therefore, these are simple decorations, not Christmas decorations and therefore Rule 483 does not apply.

But we comply, anyway. Because according to 483:d:14:24 spells out fines and possible prison terms for violation of line 23.

So far this year, no one has put up one of those mega-light traffic stoppers, the kind that turns neighbors into enemies and divides a region and increases the calls to the police to a seasonal high. “So far” doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

Somehow, these displays mean less when they feature dancing Santas, leaping reindeer, giant inflated snowmen with loudspeakers playing songs from Bing Crosby and The Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Maybe a little more Mary, Joseph and Jesus, three wise men and a star in the East would be better.

--They had Fox and Friends on in the car repair waiting room and for a while I could tune it out by concentrating on Android Solitaire. But eventually, the program took on the kind of must-watch aura of the type that forces people to stop and gawk at overflowing cesspools. It was a fine lesson in how to sugarcoat the present and future troubles of almost every Republi-con in the country.

--The “administration” thinks China’s electronics giant Huawei is entangled with Iran. It has asked for the daughter of the founder now visiting Canada “extradited” to the United States.  That’s going to be a big help in maintaining a trade war truce with China.

“The man couldn’t stomach vegetables, especially broccoli. And by the way, he passed these genetic defects along to us.” -- Former President George W. Bush in his eulogy for his father, former President George HW Bush.

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