Monday, December 17, 2018

2032 Baby It's Cold Outside

Jo & Frank Loesser

She and He have been coworkers for years but never see each other outside of the office.  One day, they decide to go out for breakfast.  This dialogue follows:

He: I want to warn you, I never do anything on a first date.
She: Aww. Too bad.

This role reversal doesn’t much happen in real life.  But it was a joke between friendly co-workers.

Today, if a woman says “no,” it means just that, “no.”  As opposed to “No means ‘convince me,’” or “No means yes but I don’t want to be responsible for allowing this.”

And belatedly, women -- #MeToo” victims and others are looking askance at what’s happening in a song that’s been on this hit parade since 1944: “Baby, it’s Cold Outside.”

In the unlikely event you’re unfamiliar with it, here are the basics:

--A woman is visiting a man at his home.
--It’s late.
--It’s cold outside.
--The man wants her to stay the night.
--She is flirty but keeps saying “no,” worrying about her mother worrying and…
        -what the neighbors might think
        -“What’s in this drink?”
        -“My sister might be suspicious”
        -“Oh well I tried” (to leave)
She has another drink and he says “that took a lot of convincing.”

Now that you see it, you get it, right?

Songwriter Frank Loesser wrote that song and recorded it with his wife who came to her senses shortly thereafter and divorced him.

The song has become a wintertime “standard” and to many an expected part of a Christmas music rotation.

Until now.

Broadcast program directors and other people who decide what music you hear and when have removed it from the playlist.

So, is this political correctness in high gear or is it just moving a “how-to” manual to the adults-only section of the internet?  Depends on who’s asked.

Defenders of manly manhood say it’s a holiday tradition, like getting drunk, credit card bills, leaving milk and cookies near the fireplace for Santa and festive lights that blow fuses and circuit breakers. Plus, she’s obviously going along with his game.

Many -- but not all -- women are saying “no.”  The Wessays(™) Editorial Bored Board agrees with them except for enthusiastically consenting adults.

--Consider shopping for a mass card. This, because Giuliani says he’ll let Mueller interview trump over “my dead body.”  Give that lawyer the Charlton Heston “cold dead hand” award.

--Here’s a publishing tip from your friends at Facebook.  If you have news you know that can damage you, don’t let it out unless you do it on a Friday afternoon.  Less chance of it going viral.

--Here’s an application tip for unqualified high schoolers applying for admission to elite colleges. Lie, but keep it believable. No one checks that stuff unless it’s absolutely outrageous.

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