Monday, June 08, 2020

4599 What Will Life Be Like?

That yellow thing on his back is a Scott AirPak. It is all that stands between his lungs and those flames.

When we’re more or less done with trump, the pandemic, and the various social unrests of today, what will life be like?

Will we continue our distancing?  Will we stay at least six feet behind the guy ahead of us on the checkout line?  Will we all be working from home because the world headquarters of MegaComglomerate Industries now fits in the empty basement of an abandoned K-Mart in Marathon, Florida? And only six people work there?

Where are all those futurists now that we need them.  You know, the people whose accuracy rate is right up there with the astrologers in the supermarket tabloids, WestraDamus the non-prophet and the rating analysts of the stock markets?

What is the “normal” that we will return to?  Will the targets of looters replace their windows with Lexan? Will cops with troubled records be fed Quaaludes at roll call before hitting the streets?  If so, will they literally hit the streets smiling until the moment of impact?

Calls to de-fund the police will not help anything and hurt aplenty if they actually happen.  But what should happen is stopping police use of military grade weapons.  They are unnecessary. They provoke. They are not meant to be used against petty criminal suspects.

Your income taxes are due next month. Will you remember that?

If you think life was uncertain before all this, think again.
The crystal ball is cloudy right now.  The Tarot cards are out to lunch. They’re eating fortune cookies.  Someone call trump and ask him what Ivanka’s bible says.

(NewRoses, PA.) -- Bars in this town are now permitted to serve cocktails to go.  They must be in sealed containers and not exceed 64 ounces.  That’s a pretty big “big gulp.”  Bartender, I’ll have a 64-ounce Bloody Mary --  hold the tomato juice and the vegetables.

(BUFFALO, NY) -- Anyone seeing the video of the knocked down old guy notice this?  As cops march past his supine body, one officer, holding his nightstick -- one hand on each end -- leans down toward the victim as if to further injure him and the officer behind him grabs him and pushes him to continue walking. Disturbing.

(Merrick, NY) -- This Long Island hamlet is 30 miles east and a world apart from New York City.  A Black Lives Matter march there brought anger from onlookers and police had to wall the marchers from the jeering residents.

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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