Wednesday, June 24, 2020

4606 What Day is it Again?

Cut this thing into pieces and rearrange as suits you.

This is the part of self incarceration that’s worrisome.  You never know what day it is.  And it doesn’t even matter.  If you’re working from home, you may realize it’s not the weekend.  Unless you work weekends.

If you’re retired this what-day situation crept up on you before you realized you were being crept.

And all this is compounded for people with a “feels-like-a” syndrome. You know this… you get up and into your daily routine and suddenly, there’s this “It feels like a Thursday” thing takes hold. 

What does a Thursday feel like?  

Don’t try to answer.  You don’t know.  It just Feels. Like. Thursday.

Then you get the newspaper off the front porch or your neighbor’s front porch and it says “Things to Do This Weekend.”  Weekend? I was sure it was Thursday.  But that feature usually runs on Fridays.

So maybe it’s Friday.  But it doesn’t feel like a Friday. Or maybe the paper’s been lying there since LAST Friday. “Let me check the calendar.”

All the calendar will tell you is that it’s June, 2020. Thing doesn’t give you any grounding or counseling about which day it is. 

“Well, let’s see. I usually vacuum the rug on Mondays.  I think I’ve done that this week. Um… but I’m not sure. The rug isn’t dirty. It doesn’t get dirty these days because we don’t go out. So we don’t track anything in.”

That reminds you, you’ll think. You need a new doormat. Check by phone -- not by internet -- when the store is open.  Used to be you could look that stuff up. No more. Some merchants are on top of the update process. Others are not.

So what’s a notch or two below the accuracy of your feels-like brain? The weather forecast.  The weather bureau has almost as many statistics to juggle as Major League Baseball.  And they get it wrong x times out of 365.  So don’t feel bad about getting it wrong once or twice out of seven.

Much of this was written on a Tuesday evening.  But today really does feel like Thursday.


(BENTONVILLE, AR) -- Wal mart will no longer display the state flag in its Mississippi branches, waiting instead for a decision on whether to eliminate its Confederate emblem.

(WASHINGTON) -- Anthony “Mr. Science” Fauci says the virus is not under control.  Is that going to make any difference? Probably not.

(WASHINGTON) -- Here comes more gridlock.  Congressional democrats think the republican police reform bill doesn’t go far enough and plan to oppose it.

(WHO-KNOWS-WHERE) -- Former presidential lie-meisterin Sarah Huckabee Sanders is writing a book supporting trump. It’s all Bolton’s fault, she says.

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