Monday, June 29, 2020

4608 Open and Shut


Stay tuned for our new re-re-opening now scheduled for August 21st, 2035.

As states allow businesses to open, immune systems are shutting down.  This past weekend saw an astonishing jump in the number of COVID 19 cases.  Much of this took place in the South.  But it’s happening everywhere.

It’s pointless to mention figures here because even if you’re looking over my shoulder as I write, the numbers will change before the next auto-save.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. And an awful lot of people thought it wouldn’t.  And an awful lot of that awful lot were in positions to make reopenings happen … or prevent them.  

To paraphrase a Churchill quotation in John Bolton’s 500 plus page Name-Drop-O-Rama book:  We see a problem and ignore it until it’s too late. Then we solve it with what might have worked if we acted fast enough. But now it doesn’t.  

We didn’t seem to learn much during the strict days of the early shutdown.  Shut us down again and we’ll all stay home and try to find a vaccine for cabin fever.  We won’t.  So when the next loosening comes, we’ll be ready to descend on the nearest saloon or Starbunkles or anywhere else with more than five stools or tables.

This is not a big city issue.  It happens proportionately in every whistle stop in the rurals and every TickyTacky plantation in the suburbs.

Stay home except for short, well-masked trips to the grocery, a medical appointment or in an emergency.  If you want to socialize, there’s always Skype or Zoom. Binge watch reruns. Read. Tend to your plants. Rearrange your sock drawer.  

This pandemic won’t last forever.


(JACKSON, MS.) -- The Mississippi House of Representatives has voted to remove the Confederate emblem from the state flag.  The governor says he’ll sign the bill if it passes in the senate. A new condition: the new flag must include the words “In God We Trust.” Most of us’ll pick God over Jefferson Davis any day.

(PRINCETON, NJ) -- Woodrow Wilson has left the building. Princeton will remove his name from its public policy school. Woody’s racist past finally caught up with him 96 years after his death.

(NEW YORK) -- New York State is thinking of quarantining visitors from high volume COVID States like Florida.  This leads us to the…
Quote of the Day: “Welcome to New York. See you in two weeks.” -- MarketWatch columnist Ellis Henican.

(BILLINGS MT) -- Nothing worth passing along happened in Montana Sunday. But after reading the Billings Gazette Sunday newspaper, we thought we hadn’t mention Billings here in maybe 12 years. We also were able to determine that probably nothing worth passing along ever happens there.

About the Bolton book:  If this were a novel it would be gripping reading but no one would believe it. Bottom line: Five hundred pages of name dropping -- about the same length as Moby Dick and also about a whale.  And do we really need something like this to know what trump is really like?

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. 
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