Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1045 A Lark in the Bar

1045 A Lark in the Bar

There is a lock on the door of Hanrahan’s just down the block from stairs that lead to and from the El.  But no one now living has ever seen it used.  In fact no one now living has seen the key.  And truth be told, the thing is rusted open anyway.

This is not exactly 100% legal.  But it’s been going on so long, no one remembers that, either.  And in truth, with a darkened window, the place looks closed when the State Liquor Tyrants say it should be.  But it’s open.

Reg is the morning bartender and starts his day at seven in the evening if the train’s on time.  Morning bartender?  Starts at 7PM?

“Sure.  I serve until 4, 4:30.  Plenty of morning left starting at 7.”

Officially, the bar closes at 4am.  Two on Sunday mornings.  So last call is at 3:45.  But last call would cost you plenty if it were on your cell phone.  It’s a long call.

When Reg goes home he’s still full of energy.  A morning person.  A lark.  He cooks, he cleans, he reads, he watches television.

“The air is better at 4am than at any other time of day.  I don’t understand people who get up at 6 or so in the morning and can’t get going until noon.”

About that lock:  Hanrahan’s serves food around the clock and the “morning crew” drags what Reg calls their “sorry slow rumps” in around the time he “closes” the bar.  “These guys are lucky they can fry an egg by 6.  There’s a factory just down the block and those guys start at 7.  They come here for breakfast.  I sometimes have to help out, but Hanrahan doesn’t like it... it’s time and a half for the overtime.”

By the time the office commuters appear for coffee and danish to go, Reg is long gone.  But he’ll probably pull down the light blocking shades and turn on the white sound machine before 1 pm.

Now THAT’s a morning person.


--We say a sad goodbye to Kitty Wells, country music’s first female superstar who died this week of complications from a stroke.  Kitty Wells was 92. Here's one of her best and your correspondent’s favorite of her many hits, even though it’s not the one she’s best known for.

Looking for a needle in a haystack is too much trouble.  Just unwrap that sandwich... the one that cost you extra on your Delta flight to Atlanta, Seattle or Minneapolis.  You want mustard on that?

The new telephone is 4G until you go to use it, when it becomes 3G.  But that’s okay because there’s no real difference no matter what the cell phone companies tell you.  And “No Connection, tap here to retry” means the same no matter how many Gs you have or don’t have.

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