Wednesday, December 20, 2017

1884 Current Events Summary

In olden times, the definition of an Associated Press "Flash" was "An item of three words or fewer that no one will misunderstand.”

Tax Bill Passes.
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Mitch, Mitch you son of a... uh... gun!

The blind and the uncaring approved the tax bill while the whiners and scatterbrains held a hand-wring-in reminiscent of a hippie era love fest only without the sex, drugs and rock n roll.  The procedural things that are out of alignment with the House version will be fixed today and trump will sign it into law.

This senate reminds one of a coven of old men with erectile dysfunction and when they finally get up, don't know what to do other than congratulate one another.

The bill is a minefield disguised as a theme park and no one has a map.  It is based on unsound or disproven premises and the only reason it passed was to give republican politicians what I hope is the last hurrah of this congress.  It's something they can take home to the cheers of the people who purchased them at auction.

You think the slave trade is dead?  It isn't. These men and women are bought and sold, traded and while not separated from their families, they are separated from reality.

Infrastructure rehab: There will be none apart from what's already on the books until the real estate moguls like trump and Corker figure out ways to make a buck.  

Ultimately, they will come up with an answer organized crime has used for years: use diluted cement.  You won't see the effects for years until a bridge falls down or a highway buckles in summer heat.

Kim Jong Un: I don't know why he hasn't developed a fatal brain tumor. It’s something we know how to produce and have done so.

 Why the mighty North Korean armed forces haven’t haven't put this pig on a skewer and slow roasted him? What do the security people in Washington mean when they say a nuclear North Korea is unacceptable?  

China is moving things around on its border with North Korea to be able to enforce a trade blockade should one develop.  And it keeps the NKs at home. China doesn't want them.  They are the palestinian of the far east.  This is not a new policy. And if anyone knows how to build a wall, it’s China.

Reminder: the United States did not pull out of the Paris accord.  Only trump did. The states and even the big corporations still support and will continue implementing the recommendations to reduce the man made components of climate change.

So one guy says “nah.” And even though he’s the President of the United States, he’s still just one guy.  All he’s accomplished is alienating our allies -- real and imagined.  

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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