Wednesday, November 07, 2018

2016 The Blue Wave

There’s your blue wave.  The Smurf is waving hello or goodbye, depending on how you think about Tuesday’s election results.

Here on Wednesday morning, the results remain incomplete but there are certain things that we still can say.

The blue wave was met by a red tide.  While turnout was by any measure high for a mid-term, each side marshaled its troops to vote for a change.  Or against one.

The Democrats won control of the house.  Next step: the amoeba splits and fights among itselves about whether to elect Nancy Pelosi speaker.
Governor Abbott (R-TX) wins another term as governor, while democratic candidate Costello goes back to making movies.

Governor Walker (R-WI) will join a firm of union busting lawyers as Rainmaker-in-Chief when he leaves office at the end of his term.

So, a few new governors.  A little shuffling of the deck in the Senate. Sen. Sanders of Vt. keeps his job but now has time to get a haircut.  Sen. Hatch of Utah successfully hands a victory to Senator-elect Romney sending both men back to well-deserved obscurity.

Governor Cuomo (D-NY) wins reelection and promises to personally thank voters at every stop on the E train, the LIRR and Metro North, those models of mass transit excellence he so skillfully fixed.

In Georgia, where voting while black is a crime, the African American woman running for Governor lost. Good thing she didn’t try to vote for herself.  State troopers were waiting all day to arrest her when she showed up at her polling place, but she never did.

And a lot of people seemed thrilled when Oprah came to their doors with pamphlets.

Bob “Bucks” Menendez (D-NJ) kept his Senate seat. That proves New Jersey is as forgiving as a state can be when corruption is the law of the land.

This space predicted election results of the kind we got.  It’s nice to be right.  But it would have been nicer to be wrong.

Did you fall asleep in front of the TV?  If not then you know the whole thing was won by the graphics departments of the TV networks.

The guy on MSNBC has such a complicated election weather map and talks so fast, no one knew which way the wind was blowing.  But he’s really good at doing out-loud arithmetic.  And Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow kept the action lively while Andrea Mitchell got called on for… um… little.

Chuck Todd and Lester Holt on NBC did a nice calm job, almost as good as a dose of Sominex.  (Anyone miss Brokaw?) CBS had a panel of people no one ever heard of. We don’t know about ABC because the local affiliate was showing reruns of Gunsmoke and Magnum PI.

The NY Times wins the night with an easy to understand interactive map with actual information and no commentary from any former anybodies from previous administrations.

The USA channel scored an election night ratings victory with an “all new” WWE Smackdown. (Do they have partly-new versions of the program?)  Smackdown is pretty much like the election.  No surprises.  But it’s less boring.

As for the actual election results:  The pilot has lit the “seatbelts” light. Please return to your seats.  Turbulence lies ahead.

Cavuto on Fox Business News was almost watchable.

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