Friday, February 21, 2020

4553 Dems Butt Heads in Grate Debate

Who won the “great” debate among Democratic Party presidential aspirants? Probably Donald trump.  The one-liner of the night goes to Elizabeth Warren who said she’d back any democrat who wins the nomination.

Sanders was pretty convincing.  But his numbers aren’t there. His base is likely to sit out the vote if he’s not the candidate.  And that balloon is full. No room at the inn or helium from the tank.  

Bloomberg seemed robotic, which is unfortunate because he isn’t in real life. I know this first-hand and have for more than 20 years. 

Klobuchar seemed desperate. Biden?  Who is that guy, anyway?  
Great teeth, though, Joe. 

Buttigieg?  Small midwestern towns are no more representative of America than the members of the two-man billionaires’ club.  

Amy? Elect me and that’ll cure sexism ‘cause we’ll be able to show our stuff. Huh?

Like practically every political debate, this one degenerated into minutia. Bernie is right, the American Working Man and Woman need a voice.  Is he that voice?  Well, he seems to think so. That’s not for sure.

Buttigieg will eventually flame out even though he is articulate. 

Warren -- who got the Wessays (™) quote of the night award -- still looks like a bobblehead. We don’t elect bobbleheads.

Then, there are questions. 

How much does the black vote really count?
How much does the Hispanic vote really count?
How much does the youth vote really count?
How much does the plutocrat vote really count?

Can Wall Street count on Bloomberg to deliver if nominated? Nah. You never really know with this guy. Can he manage the Executive Branch?  Well, if you can herd the cats of New York City as mayor and can herd the cats he’s hired in his company, probably yes.  Can we use some dull technocrat with a C-grade engineering degree from an A+ university? Yes.

Some takeaways…
 Mike, don’t bring a Univac to a gunfight.
Liz: Claws in.
Bernie: Stop yelling already! We get you’re passionate, but you’ve had engine trouble and might blow a(nother) gasket.
Joe:  Go home to Scranton.
Pete: Go home to Mayberry.
Amy: Who thought up your line “vote for me because I’m a girl?”

Chuck Todd: Go back to the library and study Tim Russert tapes more closely.

Lester Holt: Go back to the library and study David Brinkley tapes more closely.

CNN Afterparty: cut down the invitation list or get a bigger studio to fit in all the chatterers you’ve invited. Also, see if you can get them to talk one-at-a-time.
Kevin Sheekey: Didn’t Pat Moynihan teach you ANYTHING?

Today’s Quote: “Don’t let it go to your head.” -- Charlotte Bloomberg (1909-2011.) Mike’s mother after learning her son had earned an MBA from Harvard.

Today’s other quote: “The only reason Shakespeare wanted to kill all the lawyers is that the MBA hadn’t yet been invented.” --Anon.

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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