Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Mini 022 Bobby the Horse


I am not a cow.


Note from Wes: 


With the Triple Crown races mercifully out of the way, we turn today’s page over to Bobby the Horse. That sounds like a name out of organized crime.  But it isn’t. He’s just a horse. Here’s what he has to say about racing:


You know, most of us are just plain old horses.  We clip clop around.  We have ordinary names like… well … Bobby. They don’t call us fancy things like “Man O’War'' or “Medina Spirit.”


Sometimes we run, but not usually on a racetrack.  Some of us pull plows.  Some of us work at carnivals.  Some of us just give aspiring riders a chance to know what we’re like.  You know. Just average stuff.


We’re not at all like those fancy guys at Churchill Downs or Belmont. We never win anything.  But we talk among ourselves.


Our fancy track-happy brethren run their tails off.  And what do they get in return?  A piece of the purse? Nah. They get a lousy carrot or maybe an apple.  They train and train from infancy and if they are clever enough to underperform, they often get some good drugs.


And if they’re successful at anything, they get first choice of the ladies. And unlike you humans we aren’t restricted to just one or two.


So there are advantages.  But really.  What do you think it’s like being thought of as “over the hill” or ready for the glue factory at the age of five or six years old?


He’s Bobby the Horse. His opinions are his own but you’re welcome to them.

Any questions?

I’ll make sure he answers for me.

© BTH 2021


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