Wednesday, June 23, 2021

MINI 024 Let the Boss Eat the Bill


It was really good, thanks. Sorry about having to leave in such a hurry.


News item: A table of diners at a restaurant in New Jersey dined and dashed. They left without paying.  This steamed the 20-year-old woman who waited the table, even though steamed, the server was not on the menu.


She took off down the street and when she caught up with them, they kidnapped her, threw her into their van and took off.  She escaped at a traffic light.  Not terribly badly hurt. But pretty badly shaken.


Nice try, young lady. But dumb.  A thirst for justice can be slaked in other ways.  Let the boss worry about that kind of thing. Call the cops.


The bill came to 70 bucks. The van drove off and the girl and the restaurant still got stiffed.  And being that she’s probably a part timer without benefits, she had to pay to get patched up.


And then, they probably sent you home before your shift ended.  Which means you lost two parts of your meager paycheck.


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