Friday, June 04, 2021

4731 Vacation!

 Pan Am Flight One, eat your heart out. This is the 21st Century.


This is something we couldn’t do last year at this time, taking a vacation.  This year, maybe baby steps before we fly to Europe or Asia or Brigadoon. We look forward to those wonderful days of yesteryear.




Why do they call them that? It's just different work. Forget the nonsense about re-charging the batteries, refreshing body and mind, seeing new parts of the world.


Tried a flight from anywhere to anywhere else lately? Not only have the prices gone higher than the aircraft s will fly, you're lucky if you get a seat, even with a confirmed reservation. Security check when you're flying from Farmingdale, NY to Washington? Sure. Got a lot of terrorists in Farmingdale, and where else would they fly. If they were going to do something in New York, they'd drive. Or take the LIRR. Or if they really had time, a bus.


So, security checks, shoeless and all, from Farmingdale to Washington. At least the lines are shorter than they would be for, say, New York to Los Angeles.


Have the seats gotten smaller or is it just increased bulk in the passenger middle. Charge to check a bag? Why not charge to carry a bag on board. That's much more complicated. The airlines would have to figure out how to lose or damage carry-ons they never touch.


How about a nice quiet vacation at home, instead of flying hither or yon? Didn’t we try that last year? After all, there are wonders in your back yard. Beautiful views half a mile away. Good restaurants, some of them even open.  Or sorta-open.


Sounds very relaxing.


Also, put aside a day to hang some of the curtains you foolishly bought the other month. Oh, and the curtain rods.


Checklist: Pencil, level, drill, correct drill bit, hardware for the rods, and a measuring tape and a ladder.


One day will be enough, right?


Then, there are those pictures to hang and frame, probably not in that order. Also probably…  won't get to that the same day as the curtains. But that won't take nearly as long.


Grocery shopping.


How many guitars and banjos need new strings?


Maybe we should look for some fall clothing. After all, it's the beginning of summer -- so Sears and Kmart will soon be full of fall stuff.


And there's the toilet in the downstairs bathroom... needs attention. As does the kitchen sink. And the front sidewalk needs some work. At least a re-painting if not a whole new bunch of concrete. And maybe we should trim back some of the plants and replace some of the wilting flowers. And steam-clean the ceramic floors in four different rooms.


Yep. Relax, re-charge the batteries. Refresh body and mind.


Tell me again why they call these things vacations?




--Let's play sports trivia! No. Wait. That's redundant.


I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®

Any Questions?

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