Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Mini 023 Naming the Drugs


Today’s mini blog was made possible in part by a grant from Sunshine Pharmaceuticals, makers of Folkitol the drug that does nothing but has an endless lists of side effects.  Ask your doctor if Folkitol is right for you.

People have made fortunes by making up stupid names for pharmaceuticals.  Some of them probably have figured out the Wessays System for naming, even though our patent doesn’t expire for another eight years and there’s no generic.


Here is the system.  Take a common word and change some of the letters around.  Example, the picture up top.  You can figure out its original components. There are three of them.


That drug isn’t real.  Here’s an example from the real world.

Abilify. It’s “ability” made into a verb.


Lyrica. Celebrex.


Are you listening, Big Pharma? Here are some suggestions -- freebies, and so far unused.


Spryngbaid for that youthful feeling.

Nitsbegone for body bugs

Fondmakeys for memory problems

Longatuda combats Latuda.


I’m Was Richer. My opinions are my own but you’re walking toodumb. ®


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