Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Liberal Media

(80) The Liberal Media

Yes, we’re all a bunch of Un-American Commies. Every last living one of us.

We’re right up there with the “Daily Worker” and the “Weekly People,” getting that monolithic industrial union built up, destroying freedom (shouldn’t that be spelled with a capital “f?”)

We’ll be back with more of today’s topic after this word from our sponsor, History and your local History Dealer:

Commercial: “Do you know when the term “liberal media” first came into popular usage? It was just around the end of World War II and first appeared in a well-known and widely circulated Midwestern newspaper.

It applied to just three organizations: The “New York Times,” “NBC” and “CBS.” Can you guess what these three organizations had in common? It’s not just their New York locations. We’ll be back with the answer at the end of today’s program.

So, let’s examine that commie thing: And let’s start with the three major and two semi major television companies. CBS is owned by the remnants of Westinghouse via Viacom. These are two well known left wing fronts. ABC is owned by the Walt Disney Company. Anyone who knows anything about Walt and his successors knows they’re long running supporters of all things Progressive. NBC is owned by those great social activists at General Electric.

Fox, as they repeatedly remind us, is a-political. No axes to grind there. And CNN is so confused they’re lucky to get anything on the air at all.

Then there’s the New York Post, the Washington Times, the Weekly Standard The Wall Street Journal and Rush. All well known lefties.

Yes, you conservatives are thoroughly screwed. We have you by the “hand,” and we’re squeezing.

The REAL liberal media have their own “big three:” Air America Radio, “The Nation” and “Mother Jones.”

Ratings, Influence and circulation close to zero, mostly preaching to the choir. The aforementioned “Daily Worker” and “Weekly People” are long gone.

We’re not sure just how influential is “America’s most influential newspaper,” the Times. But the Progressives are forever calling it conservative, and the conservatives are forever branding it leftist. There’s good evidence that it’s neither – but is merely playing the role of leadership on its own planet.

It’s not a good planet on which to be, these days. It’s one of those companies where the founding family has something like five percent of the stock and 80 percent of the vote. And the Wall Street types are getting itchy about that arrangement.

That’s our look at the liberal media… brought to you by the Discipline you forget, “History” and your local History retailer.

Commercial: Our History question today was “What did the ‘New York Times,’ ‘NBC’ and ‘CBS’ have in common at the end of World War II, that provoked a Midwestern newspaper to call them ‘the liberal media?” The answer: they were all owned and/or managed by Jewish guys.

I'm Wes Richards, my opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.

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