Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Tale of Three Kings

89 A Tale of Three Kings,

Dear Kenny & Jeffie,

You disgraceful pigs finally got (almost) what you deserve.

What you did is called “white collar crime.” But it ain’t.

It’s violence. And it should be punished for what it is, though you can bet it won’t be. At least not by the so-called criminal justice system.

Maybe there’s a guy at Club Fed who knows the difference between a “shank” in golf and a SHANK. And maybe he’ll use it, though that’s not likely.

It’s like you went into the houses of your employees and your stockholders. One of you pointed an AK 47 at the assembled. The other bound and gagged same.

Then you looted their lives. You took their money. You took their hopes and dreams. You took the infrastructure of their lives and their futures… fired a couple of shots into the ceiling and fled into the Texas night.

Kenny Boy, as the President called you before the spin cycle began, you are a rapist and a murderer of the spirit. Jeffie, you thought you could make something out of nothing, and for awhile it seemed you did.

The press calls what you sought to create “off the books entities,” but what you actually created was a rape – no less of a rape than what happened in Poland during WWII and Bosnia and Albania during the latest Balkan dusts-up.

It’s rape. It’s murder. It’s breaking and entering, it’s burglary, robbery, conspiracy and murder all at once.

And maybe it’s sedition.

You undermined and manipulated the so-called free market, exposing it for the fragile fraud it is.

What you did amounts to an attempted overthrow of the fourth and most powerful branch of the American government, Capital.

And the executioners should be the would-be retirees, the honest investors, the people who believed in you… foolish as they were.

You were the power behind the throne in one case, and the actual throne in another.

And all three kings should be beheaded, forthwith.

I'm Wes Richards, my opinions are my own, but you're welcome to them.

(c) 2006 WJR

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