Wednesday, September 12, 2018

1995 What Day is it, Anyway?

What does “it doesn’t feel like a Wednesday, it’s more like a Thursday” mean?  Those of us in the leisure class often ask things like that. But real people do, too, at least to some extent.

Colleague C.G. who retired a long time ago said at the time “every day feels like Sunday now.” What does Sunday feel like?  Well, that depends.

Maybe you sleep late. That once was a tradition in some places.  Or maybe you get up early to spruce up for church. Or with a hangover. This Wessay is being written on a Tuesday.  But it feels like Friday.

Let’s say you find yourself standing in the living room on a Wednesday afternoon and holding your brand new, freshly charged Tesla cordless electric vacuum cleaner.  Here’s how the internal dialog goes.

Self: “What am I doing standing in the living room holding my brand new, freshly charged Tesla cordless electric vacuum cleaner?”

Other Self: “Hey, stupid, it’s because you always vacuum the living room rug on Monday, which today isn’t.”

Self: “Wait a minute.  I thought it was Monday.  It *felt* like Monday.”

Other Self: “It’s Wednesday, dummy. And you vacuumed the rug on schedule, day before yesterday.”

Self: “It sure felt like Monday.”

You may have calendars in every room.  You may have a day-date watch.  Your computer and cell phone tell you the day, date and time without you even having to ask.  

And still, there still are times when you have to ask “what day is it, anyway.”

-When did “anyways” replace “anyway” in the popular vocabulary and why?

-Yes, we know Tesla does not make vacuum cleaners and -- incidentally, Dyson does not make battery operated cars but there’s something to be said for a roll swap between Elon Musk and James Dyson.

-Look at that tangle behind your TV or computer and see if you can figure out which cord to cut.

--There’s a new game in town called Parking at Sears. When you’re feeling pressured, you go to a closed department store because it’s easy to find a parking space and people always feel good when they find easy parking. Of course, at Sears you could have done that even when they were open, which is why so many of them no longer are.

--Critics of the president are barking up the wrong tree. Instead of character assassination which often doesn’t work try this. Charge him with creating a nationwide hostile work environment.

--The president chose to give his 9/11 commemoration speech at Shanksville, PA, where the fourth plane crashed.  Anyone else wonder why he didn’t choose his and his lawyer’s city, New York?  Here’s a thought: He might have feared being booed off the platform.

-“Less Moonves.” -- New York Post cover headline on CBS’ ex-chairman Les Moonves’ separation from the company.

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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