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2000 Cosby

Inmate #NN7687

I never “got” this guy.  He did some funny standup ages and ages ago. The TV show was popular possibly only because it was the first major family comedy with black stars.

Other than that… what was there?  He was a fake all along?  What’s new about that?  It’s Hollywood (or in this case, Queens where some of us lower on the show biz ladder worked at Lifetime Television which was in the same building, Kaufman Astoria Studios.)

Hollywood and Astoria. Close neighbors divided by three thousand miles.  And Astoria has better restaurants.

Why did Cosby play the game he played with women?  A guy with that star power could walk into a room filled with fans, step up to the mic and ask “Anyone who wants me to have sex with them meet me in back in half an hour.”

There’d have been a line of willing participants. You may disapprove of that approach, but it can work and it has far fewer complications. Forget morality for a while.  Many of us would consider such a presentation as immoral.  That’s your right.  But this is known to have happened between and among consenting adults.

Complications? A Cosby “seduction” requires elaborate planning, faking concern where there is none and then using drugs and booze.  

Now Dr. Hux is confined to a “special” prison in the Pennsylvania corrections system.  

It’s called “Phoenix.” It cost almost half a billion dollars to build.  It holds about 35-hundred people, mostly men, per which is the website of a respectable newspaper, the Patriot-News of Harrisburg.

There was thought of putting him in the State Correctional Facility at Laurel Highlands near Pittsburgh.  That’s a pretty serene name for a lockup converted from an unused state loony bin and it’s designed to house the old, the lame and the mental case criminals of which Cosby is at least two.

There, he could have roomed with fellow sex offender Jerry Sandusky, locked up after a football scandal at Penn State University and a subsequent coverup which all concerned deny ever happened.

But no.  No padded cell for Bill.  He gets to live in high tech surroundings and splendid isolation from anyone he might try to harm.  Except Bubba.

--Cosby’s lockup was built to replace what was seen as an outmoded predecessor where violence had ruled, deaths were common and corruption was alleged. The problem was more the staff than the building itself.  And all of the old guard moved into the new facility, raising the question “What did the state really get for its almost-half billion dollars?”

--One of Cosby’s best standup routines was about the virtues of chocolate cake. After the sentencing, Camille stopped off at the supermarket to pick up a box of cake mix.  Now the question is will she bake a saw into it… or some chemical?
-Would you let your daughter join a basketball team with frat brat Brett Kavanauseous as coach?

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