Wednesday, May 29, 2019

2095 The Cloud's Cloud

There it is, the old-time evidence warehouse brought up to date by a peculiarity, neatness with minimal dust.  Why should such a thing be talked about in the 21st Century?

Because Wikileaks can’t hack it. Because Russian spies can’t either. Because if it’s yours, the cops can’t make records disappear.

Companies like Microsoft, Google and others are making a lot of money by keeping your records “safe” in “the cloud.”  Like any cloud -- real or online -- those clouds are subject to various weather systems. And many of them are easy to hack.

You can’t realistically purloin a box of paper from a secret bunker converted from its original use, a coal mine or a fallout shelter.  

Could this be a new commercial success?  Possibly. “File clerk” used to be a noble profession. It took manual skills, a decent memory, efficiency and a complete mastery of the letter order of the English alphabet. Now, few bother.

We collectively worry about the safety of our power grid, our legal papers, our water supply.  So our new non-computerized storage concept needs an electronic gizmo as an adjunct.

Paper + telephone = speedy communication.  Maybe a cell phone.  Maybe even a party line among electric power companies and another among water companies.

It won’t be long before hackers start playing in the stratosphere.  Just think of the merry chaos could happen if NOAA and the private weather services could no longer rely on satellite data?  

They used to use paper maps and ground radar.  They still can.

Ah, but you say, electronic record keeping “saves trees.” Does it?

And there are compromise solutions for those who actually need to find stuff on the internet.  Use the internet for research, pay by the page for the sites to fax to you.

There’s a future in paper. There’s a future for well trained file clerks and the security workers who guard them.  There’s a future for HVAC.  And for the building of modern warehouses.

--Health note: a new federal study shows we’re still a nation of fatties but the rate of diabetes keeps falling, which is kind of counterintuitive. Could it be that Evil Big Pharma has actually come up with something to treat diabetes? Just beware of the side effects.

--Are Bolton’s days numbered -- as most of us can only hope. Here’s encouraging news. trump is dissing him on Iran and North Korea during the trip to Japan which usually is a sign that someone will soon be thanked for his “great contributions” and service to America and receive best wishes as he leaves to spend more time with his family/seeks new challenges or somesuch.

--Objectivity and neutrality aren’t the same things. So if the mainstream media were objective, they would label trump a madman and conman. But neutrality sends us chasing after Sarah Huckabee for a fair and balanced comment about the mad/con nonsense of the moment.

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