Monday, May 20, 2019

2091 Bolton

Why is this man smiling?

What’s wrong with this guy, anyway?  And how fast did we forget what we learned about him all those neo-con years ago? John Bolton never met a war he didn’t love.  Vietnam? Well… he enlisted in the National Guard. That’s the slick politician’s way of dodging the draft without seeming to. (See George W. Bush for another example.)

By the time he got off the Reserve kick line, he was well into conquering Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria.  And if you asked him, he’d probably answer “yes” to “Do you think the US should go to war with … oh… China, India, Senegal, Spain, Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba and New York City?”

Mister Regime Change represented our country as United Nations Ambassador.  He was Reagan’s Assistant Attorney General and advocated against making reparations to Japanese Americans rounded up and put in prison camps during WWII.  He was W’s recess appointment as UN Ambassador because even the dolt Bush knew he’d never get confirmed.

He was cheerleader for Rehnquist, for Scalia and for Saddam Hussein’s non-existent “weapons of mass destruction.”  (Colin Powell was a sucker on that issue. Bolton knew the truth and lied.)

How is this schmuck still in public life?  Easy answer: friends in high places.  He’s even too much for trump who seems genuinely opposed to a shooting war with Iran despite tweets to the contrary this morning. That makes trump “the adult in the White House,” says Maureen Dowd in the New York Times.

So, there’s a lot of space between W and trump’s administrations. What was John-boy doing while planning his next act?  Well… he was a visiting obsessor for the “think tank” American Enterprise Institute whose thinking stops at your bank account.

And he was a Fox News Contributor … the qualifications for which are … are… whomever Rupert Murdoch believes will bolster revenue ratings at a particular time point.

It didn’t work out. Bolton was too nuts even for the Fox viewers. Too intellectual. Plus that funny mustache looked comical.

Bolton is a graduate of Yale.  That deflates the value of a Yale bachelor’s degree for thousands who followed. He also is a graduate of Yale Law School.  If your attorney has a Yale JD degree, you might want to find someone from a better school.  Like University of Phoenix or Ace Technical School.

Aside: JD means juris doctor.  But it’s not a real doctorate. Lawyers with real doctorates are Ll.Ds. JDs are people with a second bachelors’ degree. And Ll. Ds are honorary in many cases. They are awarded to Very Serious Lawyers usually long past their prime and who held an endowed professorial chair which can be a no-show job.
--Game of Thrones.  I know nothing about it. But I don’t want to be the only poster in the known universe who hasn’t mentioned it.

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