Wednesday, May 22, 2019

2092 A Life Lesson from Email

Early on, you bought something on the internet.  Your merchant was Huzzah! The Store for the New Generation.  Since that time, you have received 11,000 emails from Hazzah!

And from Wal-mart, Shopper TV, Sears, Nordstrom’s, Dollar General, Liquidation Channel, Ace Hardware, Lowes, Home Despot and half a dozen others.  Most of them are irrelevant.  But you like to keep your “archive” relatively empty and your inbox lean and without needing a GPS to work your way through it.

Yes, you can just delete or unsubscribe.  But on the teeeeny tiiiiny chance Huzzah! has something that really interests you, you keep receiving their mail.

Here’s the solution.  Each time you get one of these, send it to spam or junk or whatever your service calls things you don’t want.

Then, every few days, you can check the list, keep the one or two you want and throw out the rest in a satisfying sweep.

Your inbox is cleaner, your archive is cleaner and your spam box is filling fast, but easily zapped.  (They’ll do it for you automatically every 30 days, but recently, spam has counted in “space-used” for some services.)

Divide and ignore!

Would that there would be a way to do that in real life. Oh, wait. There is.  Give your brain some folders and use them.

That’s just a theory, of course. Like evolution and gravity. (When will the ignoramuses among us realize that “theory” and “guess” or “suspicion” are not the same things?)

If you don’t like the “folder” analogy, use some other word. Compartmentalize? Delegate? Put it in the hands of a deity? Re-channel?

In any case… practice!

--We could start world war III pretty easily tomorrow. The “Allies” would be the United States, the Axis would be everyone else. We’re not given to such clarity.  But we may be given to such horror, since -- as everyone knows -- there is no difference between fantasy and reality.”

--That would all make America great again.  It would be a boon to arms dealers, especially those who lose business because they’d no longer be allowed to sell to members of the Axis. Saudi Arabia, for example, would have to buy its warplanes, missiles and such from Russia or China.

--Long Island’s 123 school districts voted on school budgets yesterday.  Most passed. But voters rejected calls for armed guards in districts that proposed hiring them.

(Note: 123 is an actual figure for the number of school districts in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Each votes on budgets every year.)

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