Wednesday, October 23, 2019

4512 Dear Hillary

Dear Hillary,
Will you please just go back to making cookies or otherwise vanish until after the 2020 election.  

Thanks and best wishes,
Your Friend Wes

You know, we all know you’re a pretty smart person with some pretty good ideas.  But your train has left the station. And some people seem to think you’re toying with the idea of giving another shot at running for the presidency.  Please don’t.  Third time isn’t always the charm.

Write another book or something. Tell us in it about your adventures as Bill’s wife. Or first lady. Or senator. Or secretary of state.  Groom Chelsea for something bigger than that 15 minutes she supposedly worked for NBC.

Do anything but open your mouth in public.  You mock the minor candidates, picking on Tulsi Gabbard, who is at best a long shot, but probably not even that.  And to what end? That’s something you must have learned from trump. You weren’t always that way. Or at least it never before seemed so.  That catfight is, um, deplorable to use a word you seem to like.

The only reason anyone pays any attention to you these days is fear… fear that you can’t read the giant tealeaf that enwrapped you as you opened trump’s cage allowing him to romp and tweet his way into making the US whatever one calls the opposite of a developing nation.  

Yes, it would be nice to have a woman in the White House.  There are more than 150-million American women who might be considered.  You shouldn’t be one of them.

You are responsible for trump, the reason our allies hate us and our enemies are gleefully waiting for what’s left of us to fall into the ocean. You know, the ocean. That swelling body of water fed by melting ice caps and icebergs someone might have attenuated when there was still time.

Obama beat you fair and square. trump beat you using the most colossal mistake in the constitution, the electoral college. Yes, you won the popular vote.  But a smart woman like you could have seen trump’s tactic coming.  Maybe you did.  Was it hubris? Did you believe it was “your turn?”  This country tends not to pay attention to whose “turn” it is to lead us.

The bottom line on all this is simple: Nobody likes you. Now, please go away. 

-Looks like it’s time to revise the constitution to eliminate the Electoral College, thus removing political slime from power and restoring it to the voters.

-Whatever happened to “drain(ing) the swamp?

--The anonymous writer of a tell-all op-ed piece about the trump White House is about to publish a book that expands on what he or she first wrote.  This sparks a question.  Is the author this century’s Woodward and Bernstein or is he this century’s Clifford Irving?

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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