Friday, October 18, 2019

4510 You Never Can Find an Exorcist When You Need One

It’s getting pretty Nixonian out there.  It’s like re-living Watergate. Threats of impeachment, a trial and a guilty verdict.  Of course, the Nixon soap opera ended before fully playing out.  This time it won’t.

Most of the players are in place, only with the present president, we don’t have Woodward, Bernstein, Deep Throat, Haldeman and Ehrlichman.  But we do have excellent stand ins for some of the players.

There’s Giuliani, and Barr who play the parts of Haldeman and Mitchell.  Does anyone have Christine Barr’s phone number?  After all, Watergate wouldn’t have been Watergate without Martha Mitchell.

There isn’t a major difference between Presidential Magician 37 and Presidential Magician 45.  Except that 37 tried to keep his Book of Tricky up his sleeve.  Forty-five wants everyone to know what he’s doing.  

Not-A-Crook vs. Stable Genius?  Nixon had mostly bad deeds with a topping of good deeds. Trump is the same cupcake but has no topping.

Nixon turned the White House into a gangland hideaway. And trump turned it into a game arcade at a shopping mall. All of the machines are fixed.  But that’s okay because most of the coins are play money.

So here we have two different evil spirits running the country in different decades.  But our ability to find exorcists isn’t what it once was.  There’s no Sam Ervin. There are no Republican Senators who have grown a pair and declared they’ll vote against the president.

All eyes are on Romney to play the Ervin role.  Maybe he will.  But not until he feels it’s safe.  Mitt has the safest seat in the Senate. But he’s not immune to retaliation from Senate’s Cult of 45.

Another similarity between these two comedy shows: it’s the term “third rate.” Nixon’s press secretary Ron Ziegler called Watergate a “third rate burglary.” the trumpster called Nancy Pelosi a third rate politician.  Some sources reported the slur as “third grade” rather than third rate.   If there’s anyone who never left the third grade, it’s trump.

--The next G7 meeting will be at trump’s Florida motel.  Gee, that sounds like the president might make a buck on the conference. Attention attendees: Ignore the minibar and BYO… oh, and don’t say anything important while standing or sitting near the table lamp.

--The governor of Florida is thinking of annexing that motel and turning it into a sand museum.  If Turkey can annex part of Syria without Syria’s consent, this is small potatoes. And trump won’t mind because if all that sand is good for the Kurds, it has to be good for him, too-- right?

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