Tuesday, November 26, 2019

4523 Quality Control

More of these would raise the percentage of products that work by reducing the number of those that don’t.

Stuff falls apart too easily these days and sometimes you can’t believe a reputation for reliability. Car companies that tout their tin with abandon are in the shop more often these days than your 1954 Mercury was.

The “Ten Year Warranty” on the name brand mattress is fiction, especially when it develops a senior sag in 18 months.

Letter openers don’t slice envelopes open; they rip them. And sometimes they rip the contents too.

We’re not talking about crap manufactured in near-slave work camps in the far east, here.  We’re talking about “Made in USA,” a slogan with relatively little meaning, especially if tagged with “of foreign and domestic components.”

What are the “components” of a sweater?  Which part or parts of the toothbrush or the pack of playing cards originated in China or Indonesia?

Quality control is a misnomer similar to “customer service,” and much of that is imported, too.

There’s a Holiday Inn around the corner.  We were having guests. We wanted to make reservations. We did. The customer service clerk was right around the corner in the hotel, right? Wrong. Try Manila.  Nothing wrong with that in principle. But not much right with it when it goes wrong. Which it did.

There is an upside to some deterioration, though.  Bad meals in bad restaurants are getting smaller.  That’s probably good for your diet, though not for what’s in your wallet. Paper straws tend to deteriorate when they sit half-submerged in super-size soft drinks, which may steer you to a smaller cup so you can finish your drink without inhaling or swallowing paper.

-Who do they call when tow trucks need roadside assistance?
-Is there still an easy way to force a payphone to make free calls?
-Are there still payphones?
-Where can you get replacement parts for your rotary dial phone?
-When your digital assistant can’t answer your question, does it consult ITS digital assistant or does it call a human with an encyclopedia?
-Are there still encyclopedias? 

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