Friday, November 11, 2016

1719 Trump Does Not Exist. Yet.

Congratulations to us, America.  For the first time in history we have elected a fictional character to lead us.

Donald Trump is a figment of some bad novelist’s imagination.  He’s a kind of combination of Archie Bunker, a Vegas Elvis impersonator and Mister Bluster.

Too bad whoever wrote the novel didn’t include Edith, Tom Parker and Buffalo Bob who might have muted some of the motormouthing.

Edith kept Archie more or less in hand.  She “yessed” him to death, then did exactly what she thought she should.

“Col.” Parker was an illegal immigrant from a country that doesn’t supply us with many, the Netherlands.  But he had no fear of capture and deportation or even discovery.  He curbed every bad move Presley wanted to make along with a goodly chunk of his income.

Mister Bluster was a wooden marionette and Buffalo Bob Smith carried both matches and scissors.

We have no clue about what the president-elect stands for, will do, will want to do or will get the cooperation of the party he challenged, his own. And we don’t know which of two contradictory statements delivered within the same hour to believe.

But if we can all go gaga about Harry Potter, we can at least give Trump a chance to show us what he’s made of.  We have our theories, of course.  But let’s test them… at least long enough to get an idea of what’s really happening.

Trump said more foul things in public than any other presidential candidate in the lifetime of anyone reading this.  Did he mean them?  Did he mean the retractions?  Did he mean the un-retractions?

He gave a gracious and dignified victory speech.  Is that more or is it less believable than “Mexicans are rapists” or “Muslims should be banned?”

Does he mean it when he says he wants to spur economic growth with government spending?  That’s a decidedly un-Republican viewpoint.  The post election stock markets seemed to think he does.  But what about the cowardly Paul Ryan and his merry majority in the House or the twirling-eyed Mitch McConnell und Cie in the Senate?

So there’s hope.  Always, there is hope.

Today’s Quote:
“So the election was a shocker… it… figures people like Giuliani, Christie and Trump would haunt me in Texas after I left NY… and then there's the white working class who believed the BS and lies that kept coming out of Trump's mouth.  They are in for a shock when things get even worse for them. Don't people remember that old saying - never trust someone who says ‘trust me’?”  --J.M. Richards of Austin TX.

-Attorney General Giuliani has a nice ring to it, kind of like the sound a steel girder makes when it falls off a highrise and hits the sidewalk.

-Secretary of State Gingrich is what you hear when the Giuliani girder is followed down by a sandbag.

-Note from a friend: In meeting with Obama Thursday, Trump talked tough “but looked petrified.”

-From another: Now that the election’s over… how about a look at those tax returns?

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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