Monday, August 28, 2017

1837 Trumpademic

1837 Trumpademic
(Sketchite Illustration)

If there’s a vaccine, it’s probably overpriced. But no one can afford to wait for the generic version.  We have a Trumpademic.  Many of us. Maybe most of us. Maybe nearly all of us.

Think of this guy as a disease that affects your perceptions, dominates your waking hours and holds you back from even the slightest diversion of thought.

A category four hurricane blasted southeast Texas this past weekend.  And while we were treated to the usual reporters-in-the-rain, the Very Concerned Meteorologists with their maps and radar and graphics, the people in charge of informing us thought it would be enough to give us a few minutes now and then and an occasional banner crawl at the bottom of the screen or above the front page flag -- where the newspaper puts its headlines. They soon again started showing Trumpademic symptoms.

Print news analysts gave a quick final review to their thousand word articles about whether we were going to have a nuclear war with North Korea or if the Army was going send genitalia inspectors to morning formations at Ft. Dix or Ft. Bragg or Ft. Benning.

They were re- reading their columns on the meaning of some guy no one ever heard of was squeezed out of the White House.

Meantime, political consultants were champing at the bit in cable television green rooms in New York, Washington and Atlanta ready to dive into yet another scintillating debate about the effects of the Joe Arpaio pardon.

Field crews were setting up cameras as correspondents applied their makeup, getting ready for yet another round robin of reports from every town and village where there was even the hint of an impending demonstration by the Klan, the alt-right, the antifas, black lives matter, all lives matter and any other band with a recent hit record.

Trumpademic steals attention from every source. It’s the flesh eating bacteria of 2017.  No one has anything else on his mind.

So the natural question is what are the long term effects of this distraction?

Well, notice that the number of stories about cats stranded in trees, casino building implosions and skiers or climbers found alive ten days after an avalanche buried a mountain in the Himalayas or a TWTD or Third World Transportation Disaster. So it’s not all bad.  But bad enough. Because those who had been inoculated against this disease are probably pulling some shenanigans behind our backs.  You know… maybe plans for applying tattooed numbers on the arms of undesirables, like, say, people with incomes of under seven figures.

And a complication we’re not yet aware of: becoming bored to death.  That’s a recipe for completing the takeover of your life.

“Trump: ‘I want nothing but peace and love and the most cordial relations with the weak-kneed, low energy Congressional Republican losers and the lying, Obama-worshiping fake news media.  I'm the greatest national unifier that any president has ever been.’" -- John W. Gibson

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