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1890 Ronald Ray-Gun

1890 Ronald Ray-Gun

That’s what we called him in the Liberal Media Newsroom on Rockefeller Plaza back when he was running for President.  Ronnie was brimming with bad ideas he tried to turn into bad policies and sometimes he succeeded. His bolts may have started coming loose long before we knew for sure.  And he may have napped during cabinet meetings, but with the exception of Iran Contra and the HUD bid rigging case, Deaver the liar, he ran a pretty clean ship.

Oh, and the Meese scandals and a small number of others.

That is to say there were relatively few high ranking officials who landed in prison, if you take the figure as a per capita percentage.

And the people who weren’t jailed were relatively well credentialed and tried to more or less stay the course in keeping with American values as they saw them.

There were no Dulles Brothers.  There were none of the German Shepherds of the Nixon years.  There was no lurking constitutional crisis.  And no one who made his bones in the Reagan years considered a 25th Amendment takedown, at least in public.

Whatever else he was -- or wasn’t -- Reagan was presidential.  If he was an egomaniac in need of constant adulation from his subordinates, it didn’t show.

Fast forward to today.  There’s wide speculation about trump’s bolts.  He may or may not implode.  His crime family/immediate family may end in the witness protection program and/or behind bars any day now.  And that’s a problem.

There is no bench. There is no net. The people he’s hired are to a man or woman zeros. Does the brilliantly hand-eye coordinated Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, MD, know Thing One about housing and urban development?  Does the Secretary of Education know anything about education that’s not in the bible? Does the Secretary of State, perhaps the most important cabinet member know anything about anything?

Secretary ReXXon seems to be trying to do the right thing without honking off The Boss.  But his main qualification for the job is that he accepted the nomination.

The president has put in a lot of cronies with the word “acting” before their titles.  These are positions where the Senate has to confirm a real nominee but any worm in the garden can do the job as long as he (or she) is merely “acting.”

If we become trumpless, there is no one who knows anything who will be in a position to run the country’s business.

Pence?  A failed talk show host who sent a wrecking ball through the halls of the Indiana state house.

All this is far more of a worry than what tweety does or doesn’t state.

Our friend and fellow observer Ellis Henican called Twitter “trump’s virtual primal scream room.” He’s right.  And running the country from a cell phone and bragging about his intelligence does not inspire public confidence. Not even among his ignorant and gullible base.

Ronald Reagan, for all his flaws, did not degrade America in the eyes of the rest of the world. You can’t make that case for trump and his merry band of future jailbirds.

Book ‘em, Danno.

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