Wednesday, May 09, 2018

1942 In Bibi's Shoes

It looks like a shoe.  But only the Tin Man can wear it because it’s made of metal. It looks like it’s on a dining room table, and it is.

This space is an unrelenting supporter of Israel’s right to exist even in the crosshairs of hostile well-armed neighbors.  And this space has been a tepidly enthusiastic supporter of the current prime minister, Benjamin “Bibi the Shoe” Netanyahu.

Until now.  The man seems to have lost his MIT-educated marbles.  Someone call Building Eleven and see if there’s a fix.

What’s the problem?  Well, he and his wife had the prime minister of Japan over for dinner one recent night.  It was an elegant meal prepared by Israel’s version of James Beard, Sergev Moshe, who looks a little like Bobby Flay.  You know.  Fit, handsome, famous and full of … himself.

In Japan as in other east Asian countries, one leaves his real shoes at the door and either walks in stocking feet or house slippers.  It’s a tradition born in the homes of rice farmers thousands of years ago.

How do you say this in Mandarin or Japanese: “Cheng, don’t you dare wear those muddy boots in the house!”

So Moshe makes a fancy dessert and serves it in shoe-like tin bowls.

Prime minister Abe didn’t say anything.  After all, he’s been hobnobbing with trump and even if some trump-itis rubbed off, his natural uber-politeness kicked in.

But the press both in Japan and Israel went ballistic. Well, the press in Japan went the Japanese version of ballistic.  The Israeli press blew a gasket. Enough steam to cause a mold problem.

You’d think a detail-oriented guy like Bibi, with all kinds of charges swirling around him, would be careful not to bring attention to himself for this unrelated but obviously stupid faux pas. It’s kind of pleasing, though, to publicly parade a guy who disproves the cliché that all Jews are smart.  And liberal. Fourteen-ish million Jews in the world, and you’re the best we can do?

TODAY’S QUOTE: “Bolton finally gets the war he’s always wanted.” -- Rachel Maddow.

--Unsurprisingly, those with sleep apnea have not risen up in protest against the awkward CPAP machines that they must wear at night. Surprisingly, no drug company has come up with a replacement pill for which they can charge ransom- level prices.  And just think of the ads they’d run with ten seconds of promotion and the rest a list of possible side effects, up to and including death.

--Comparing former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is wrong.  Spitzer paid women for sex. Schneiderman is charged with physical violence against women.  The first is a crimelet and nobody’s business but the second would be an actual crime.

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