Monday, May 21, 2018

1947 Keep Our Children Safe? and Remembering Sam Hall

That’s what the Prez sez. And then there’s Sen. Cruz (R-Alberta) who wants you to know those slaughtered kids in Santa Fe TX near Houston are in his prayers. Fabulous, Raphael. How’s that worked for you in the past?

So another Friday morning at a little place named for the railroad that used to run through it.  A town of 12-thousand or so with a city hall in a cement plant, 15 bars and 21 churches, most on or near Highway Six.  Ten dead.  And the shooter, apparently a 17 year old didn’t have the grace to kill himself and save Galveston County the scarce chemicals they use to zap whoever is convicted regardless of judicial, prosecutorial and defense errors, pleas to the governor and serious doubt about whether the jury picked the right guy.

How’s this for TODAY’S QUOTE: “I always kind of felt like eventually it was going to happen here too.” --Paige Curry, 17, student at Santa Fe High School.

OK, Paige, you were right.  And the shooter raided daddy’s gun casket for the pistol he used and the shotgun he carried.

There was talk of pipe bombs.  There was worry that there was more than one gunman… well, gunchild. But young Ms. Curry puts a new kind of face on the story. It is the face of inevitability and acceptance.  Have we gotten so used to this that we just expect it to happen?

Apparently so.  It happens so often we soon will get to the point that when we see a screen full of kids marching from a school building, we’re ready to say “oh, what? Another one?”

The gunsels among us have framed these portable tragedies to have us believe that people who want gun availability shrunk want to get rid of all guns. While that idea has merit, that’s not the object. The object is to protect kids, not steal hardware.

--Many who use motorized carts supplied by the grocery have spent a lifetime eating Quarter Pounders and have grown into quarter-toners who are too big to walk. Some of us who use them are injured and here’s a plea to the flesh boulder crowd: When you’re finished with the machine, please plug it in so the rest of us can use them without running out of juice in Aisle Three.  And someone get hold of the Energizer Bunny or Elon Musk and see about a battery that lasts more than ten minutes on a charge.

Sam Hall

There’s a folk-ish song about a guy named Sam Hall, a misanthrope who is hanged in the final verse.

But there also was a real “Sam Hall.”
His real first name was Hugh.
And he has died.

We worked hand in glove at WOR and at the RKO and UniStar radio networks.

He was a lunatic. A lovely and loving lunatic.  Did magic with words. Looked a little like Ichabod Crane, but with a bushy beard. He was so tall, people wanted to charge him for using air space when he walked on the street. Drove an ancient VW van, “Dixie the Wonderbus.”  Supplied plastic leaf bags for your lap because the windshield wasn’t quite attached and the rain would come in and soak you. 

Sam was a beautiful man. And as good as it gets on the air.

Now he’s gone.  

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