Wednesday, July 11, 2018

1968 The Weather

As Nobel Prize winning lyricist Bob Dylan don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing.  Good thing, too because our fiscal wizard president may notice that the National Weather Service has a lot of offices and a fancy website. Surely that will mean cuts in people and places.

There are a bunch of private weather companies. Like the Weather Channel, Weather Underground and the hilariously labeled “AccuWeather.”  The founder of that windstorm once convinced a US Senator from his state to write legislation to make private companies the only way the public gets weather.

Surprisingly, the measure never got anywhere.  Even other private weathermen were skeptical because they all rely on the government for their data, satellite images and often their radar.  Some don’t mind the competition.

“There’s enough weather for everyone,” said retired broadcast weather reporter Isadore Isobar, “I say, bring on the privates.  You can’t rely completely on Al Roker and the once ubiquitous Sam Champion…” who may have been eaten by a hurricane and has all but vanished from the tube.

But enough about weather.  Let’s get to the way the wind is blowing.  Start with the blow-hard in the white house who has nominated another blow-hard, Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court.

There’s all kinds of talk in Washington now about how to make sure he’s never sworn in.  It doesn’t matter whether he is or whether he just goes back to his DC Federal District Court to continue afflicting the afflicted and comforting the comfortable.

Kavanaugh wasn’t the worst of the Miss Universe style pageant the president held in the runup to the rundown.  Their individual worseness is only a matter of degrees.  trump didn’t even bother identifying the runners up.  Some beauty pageant.

The nominee has a paper trail long enough and wide enough to satisfy even the animated cartoon bears in the Charmin commercials.  So we can follow along as they unroll it and examine his … um … decisions, none of which raise any hope for the fictional blindness of justice.

A note to the women of #MeToo.  Good thing a lot of slimy rapists have already been charged because you can be sure that a few years from now, the laws that got ‘em will have been reversed.

For those of you who believe as Ayn Rand did that a “blob of protoplasm has no rights,” forget about what the Grandma of the current Libertarian fad said, your bodies belong to the state, now.  Life will have been ruled to have begun at the thought of sex occurs to you or anyone who is thinking about you.

And as for gay men and women, note that Home Despot, Lowe’s and Ace Hardware are having sales on interior doors.  You chance to get something a little nicer when you go back into the closet.

--At some point we’ll get around to saying something about the new supreme court nominee other than what’s above.  You already have made up your mind and neither of has any influence where it counts on this.  So as Tex Antoine (pictured above) once said, lie back and enjoy it.

--We salute the brave men and women of Thailand who rescued those boys trapped so long in a cave deep below the earth’s surface.  And we are sad to note that Elon Musk’s child size submarine was unable to lend a fin. Sad, but not surprised.

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