Friday, July 06, 2018

1966 Grannie Get Your Gun

Three things first:
1.  You’re legally innocent unless proven guilty. So throw in your own “allegedly”s and “suspect” as you see fit.
2.  This space is full bore pro-gun control.
3.  Except for this time. Maybe.

 In Maricopa County, Arizona, where the sun fries your brain, a 92-year-old woman who had moved in with her son, put two pistols in the pockets of her bathrobe, shuffled into to the bedroom shared by her son and his girlfriend and shot him dead.

Why?  Because he wanted to move her into an assisted living home.  Anna Mae Blessing would have none of that.  Police in the land of the Jody Arias trial and pardoned criminal sheriff Joe Arpaio quote Ms. Blessing saying “You took my life now I’m taking yours.”

Okay, technically she didn’t do it until someone like Juan Martinez gets his hooks into the case.  But, c’mon. She did it.

Blessing moved in with the kid, 72, and his girlfriend late last or early this year.  She was getting the way people over 90 often get.  A little loose minded. But c’mon. She may not be all there.  But she’s mostly there.

Police say the girlfriend knocked the gun out of Blessing’s hand.  But grannie had a backup, pulled it and shot sonny boy.  They also say after the shooting, she put the gun down, sat in a comfortable chair and waited for the cops.

They’d all been arguing a few days beforehand about that assisted living thing.  I guess we know who was on which side of that fence.

Bail was set at half a million and in the unlikely case she makes it, she won’t be allowed back into the house she owns.  She won’t be allowed any weapons, any contact with the girlfriend or the investigating officers, won’t be allowed any drugs without a valid prescription and in the event she can get out of the wheelchair, won’t be allowed to dance on her son’s grave.

She’ll be back in court later this month.  Two dates are scheduled.  Anyone think she’ll live that long?  I do. People who do things like this are almost too tough to die if under 100.

Early reports did not give the son’s name.  It is Thomas.  They also didn’t give the girlfriend’s name. But we know she is 57 years old.

News reports quote the police as calling the events “bizarre.”  Were they?  Or did this woman simply spring into the kind of action that others only think of?

-What a pleasure to be able to discuss something that doesn’t involve trump… except the part about pardoning the felon, Arpaio.

--Getting back to that sun fried brains thing… there seem to be an awful lot of murders in Maricopa County and environs.  A Google search returned 43 million results in .61 seconds. It ain’t Chicago, but it ain’t Mayberry either.

--Pruitt resigned from the EPA.  What will they do with his phone booth, that monstrosity from the quiz show days?  Maybe they can move it to Ben Carson’s dining room and later move both to the Smithsonian.

--Don’t have any illusions that the new EPA chief will be any less anti-environmental than Pruitt.  But he won’t need the phone booth.  He can take his cellphone into one of the dozens of empty offices and no one will eavesdrop.

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