Friday, July 27, 2018

1975 A Suicide in Paris

In the puppet states of the former Soviet Union, they know how to get rid of enemies both real and imagined.  Russians in particular die of things that no one dies of in the real world.  Like the old favorite cerebral hemorrhage that poor old Joe Stalin suffered when a vessel in his head exploded unexpectedly, mysteriously and maybe not at all.

Soviet leaders had a lot of exploding blood vessels.  More than is statistically likely in a population that large.  Russian couples get poisoned in and out of the country at a rate that compares favorably with the disappearances of surplus mobsters in Brooklyn.

Latest: Oksana Shachko of Ukraine who lived near Paris.  Police found her hanging by the neck in her artist’s lair.  She was 31.  She was stark raving gorgeous and stark raving annoying as leader of a feminist protest group called “Femen,” whose membership protested the plight of women and oh, by the way, did it topless.

This does not go over any better in Kiev than it does in Kentucky or Kankakee.  Here we just arrest them, sometimes in full smirk. And make sure the lens on the cell cam is clean and the connection to the guard stations working soundly.

In Ukraine they chase them out of the country.  Getting chased out from Bumschtetle, Ukraine to Paris is a big step up.  But it does reduce one’s mobility and ability to protest.

And then suddenly, the protest leader turns up dead. Hanging.  This is a really rough way to go.  And sometimes a hanging isn’t really a hanging. It just looks like one.

At the moment, Ukraine has called all its foreign agents home so they can help build Russia a right of way to the Crimea.  The foreign agents of Ukraine are well trained in using shovels.

That means they must leave the mysterious suicide division of their secret service in the hands of outside contractors.  There’s words on the street that someone speaking with an Eastern European accent of some sort called Betsy DiVorce trying to reach her brother the former mercenary. We can’t determine whether they actually connected because Prokokovich Telcom lost last week’s call records. That happens a lot over there.

Shachko was one of three founders of her group. The other two have been reported feeling depressed and gone into hiding, evidently fearing they two may become … um … suicidal.

“Yeah, Demi's OK but my friends are still dead. Heroin is in our homes, not just on TV. Show the same love to friends, family and strangers that you show to celebrities.” -- Marcelle Stoppay, ordinary young American on singer Demi Lovato who was hospitalized after a drug overdose.

--Poor president trump. The guy just can’t catch a break these days.  Even the republican speaker of the house is against impeachment proceedings against Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General in charge of Mueller … which means it’s unlikely to happen.

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