Friday, June 30, 2017

1814 Get a Job, you Bum

Someone lanced the boil that is congress and sent the membership oozing home for the July 4th holiday. It’s the constituents that will be lighting the fireworks.  And the Misrepresentatives and Senators will spend the time in hotseats as their districts and states raise hell about the future of medical insurance.

Even Senate majority leader McConnell realizes he needs to find a body double or stuntman to take his place in public.  At age 75, he does not have the strength or flexibility to go through the acrobatics he’ll have to when the people of Kentucky demand he explain that ridiculous care plan he’s flogging.

And poor Mitch admits he may actually have to ask his Democratic Party counterpart, that kid Chuck Schumer (who is a mere 66 years old) for help in passing that hot southern mess he’s been touting.

“Moderates” like Pennsylvania’s Patrick Toomey face an even stiffer problem than Mitch and Chuck.  A moderate republican is someone who wants to steal coverage from only eleven million people, not the 22 million Mitch has in mind.  

Toomey is president of the Club for Growth.  That’s a cheering section against the poor. (Who was it said Sen. Tumor was himself a growth?)

Congress has been trying to destroy Obamacare for eight years.  And with the help of presidential counselor, creator of “alternative facts” and couch tester Kellyanne Conway it has the best one liner of them all on this issue.

People who lose Medicaid can get a job.
Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home.

Earth to Couch Grrrl: Many of those Medicaid Moochers have jobs.  But they’re not making enough to buy insurance from the pool and their jobs don’t offer benefits.

So basically, Conjob is advocating a time-tested form of population control: let ‘em die.  They’re poor and we all know what that means:  they’re lazy.

Bottle blonde politics. “My Friend Irma,” the 1950s sitcom about a ditzy stenographer could have saved writer salaries if Kellyanne were around back then and they could follow her with a camera.  

“Graciousness becomes this White House like napalm becomes an igloo.” -- NY Times op-ed contributor Bret Stephens.”

--There’s a difference between “fake news” and getting the story wrong.  Fake news is a deliberate lie, wrong is just wrong.  CNN got it wrong about Trump’s guy and the Russians, or at least that’s what it looks like, for now.

--The New York Times is eliminating its venerable copy desk, the last stop for catching errors and the grammatical mistakes that drive its readers gleefully nuts. Before the operation folds by eliminating 50 of its 100 staff members, it should alternative- fact check a statement by executive editor Dean Baquet who says -- in effect -- we’re not eliminating the copy desk.

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