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1851 Saudi Women Drivers

1851 Saudi Women Drivers
Saudi Arabian women will get the right to drive next year.  We welcome them to this 19th century opportunity.

But already, there are problems.  

Cop: May I see your license and registration ma’am?
Driver: Here you are, officer.
Cop: Ma’am I’ll have to ask you to remove your hijab so I can be sure you are the same person on this license.
Driver: You know I can’t show you my face unless you’re a relative.
Cop: I’m so sorry, but I’m required to ask.
Driver: Oh… Okay.

He hands her three traffic tickets, one for speeding the second for refusing the command of an officer and the third for dressing suggestively in public.

“There are some difficulties yet to be worked out” says Prince Achmed bin Alawi Basaab al Alouf, 389th in line to the throne and third in line for traffic comissioner of Riyadh.

“Your highness is working as a mechanic at Rolls Royce of Lake Ronkonkoma, New York?”

“Oh, please call me Al! Yes, the family wants to make sure that no harm can come to their US cars.”

“You taught your wife to drive, correct?”

“My US wife, yes.”

“And because you’re royalty, Rolls of Lake Ronkonkoma loaned you a car to teach her?”

“Well, not exactly.  First you have to understand that we on the Arabian Peninsula adhere strictly to Royalty rule #2.”
“Which says what?”

“To put it in layman's’ terms it says the smaller the country, the larger the royal family and the longer the members’ names.”

“That means Denmark should have five times more royals than your country.”

“Not necessarily.  We go by percentages, not raw numbers.  And no, my employer declined to offer me a loaner in which to teach my US wife. So I bought a two year old Cadillac Escalade. Got a great deal, too.”

“So at number 389, you have very little chance of becoming king, right?”

“Yes. That’s true, but only two other princes have to die for me to get the traffic job.  And if they teach their wives to drive as expected, the job should be mine in a year or so.  Meantime, as a mechanic, I am able to keep my US wife’s car in top condition.”

“They let you use the repair shop here at Rolls of Ronkonkoma?”

“Yes, as long as I drive it in after dark so no passing Rolls Royce owner sees we work on more than just Rollses.”

“Can’t your wife drive it here?”

“Oh no. Women are not allowed into our dealership.”

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