Wednesday, October 10, 2018

2005 Limo Crash as Microcosm

That accident in upstate New York?  It’s a microcosm of today’s America.  We are an ill-fixed, uninspected Hesperus waiting to be wrecked with an improperly licensed driver racing down a mountain highway and taking aim at a fruit stand and paying no attention to the stop sign at the next intersection.

Like the car in the crash, this country has fallen into the hands of a shady character who has no compunction about killing off a bunch of people.

Breaking the speed limit flooring it down the mountain, we are casting aside our friends and giving aid and comfort to our enemies.  The real limo evidently thought it could disobey the laws of physics. The national limo has no morals, no brain, no reason, no mercy, no policies and we all are passengers.

Our doors and fenders are falling off while we party in the back.  Vital parts are dropping off as we treat the mountain highway as a ski slope with a trampoline at the end.  There is no spring-loaded polypropylene bed ready to catch us and bounce us around until we come to our senses.  There’s only a fruit stand where you can buy pumpkins and homemade jam.

The rickety stretch limo missed the pumpkin array, hit a parked car and two pedestrians. All but one of 20 died in a hurry. One lingered for a while.

We’re all passengers in one version or another of this vehicle and although we’re not required to wear seatbelts unless sitting in the front, we should probably strap in.
Both limos on trial here are flawed, though well designed and thought out originally.  They are owned by the uncaring; driven by the incompetent.


--There are several websites devoted to selling used limos, stretch and otherwise.  One is a non-stretch 2006 Bentley with under 70-thousand miles on the odometer.  At $39-thousand, that’s about the price of a lower tier Lexus and probably worth the money.

--Some cars are the size of an RV.  Think of this: If you’re in a self driving stretch limo with a built-in bathroom, you won’t even have to make rest stop stops.  You just amble to the back to the potty, then return to the driver’s seat when you’re finished.  Maybe even grab a snack and a soda out of the refrigerator or pop a couple of slices into the toaster and take the laundry out of the washing machine.

Just don’t lease or buy it from the upstate owner, Shahed Hussain whom the NY Times finds was caught breaking the license laws and turned into a government sponsored fake recruiter of terrorists.

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