Wednesday, October 31, 2018

2014 Global Cooling

Daily emotional heartburn is not something you can cure with Tums or Zantac.  So maybe it’s time for a general assessment of what’s going on in this country.  It just can’t be as bad as it seems, can it?


Bombings, shootings, people who elect people to the House and Senate who want to kill health care, such as we have of it and Social Security, and at the same time boost military spending and further cut taxes for people who don't need tax cuts.

We have hypocrites who spent eight years screaming about the deficit and now boost it like they could print money.  We have an ugly troll in the white house -- someone who technically lost the election but won the office.  He pushes away and disgraces our allies while embracing our enemies. And let’s not forget those immigrants of non-white skin who are pouring over our border to rape, murder, steal jobs and come here just to pop out babies to go on welfare as American citizens.

Oh, and the big welcome he got in Pittsburgh.

The climate change thing is painted as junk science or a complete hoax by people who preface their remarks by saying "I'm not a scientist, but ..."  

We have people who insist on teaching "creationism" in public school science class. We have colleges and universities who pump out graduates incapable of holding a decent job or hoping for a decent promotion.  Which, to add context, is probably okay because we don’t have business people who care about anything but their yachts -- land or sea -- and consider workers disposable.

We have people who have inflated the stock market without adding the necessary increase in the value of shares.  We have deregulators and other so-called watchdogs who promote competition as good for consumers but condone and approve mega-mergers.

Phone companies buy major “content providers,” cementing their growing oligopoly in the news business.  We’re down to a handful of airlines and not one of them can withstand comparison to those they either gobbled up or ran out of business.

We have laughingly underperforming social programs.  Here’s a fine example:  Say you qualify for “subsidized” housing.  You get a raise (yes, it does happen,) so the government cancels your Medicaid and raises the subway fare.  Net result of the raise?  A salary cut.  But “you’re getting somewhere.  Don’t diss that.” 

Ever deal with “Children’s’ Services?”  Exactly what services do these departments perform other than failing to show up and notice that some time since the last visit 2 years ago, mommy and daddy killed each other and six-year-old junior ran out of dog food last week.

This is the world the politicians have built. It is a world where grandstanding and running for the next term have replaced public service as the prime directive.  It is a world where money is made by shuffling paper, just don’t try to dip into that till even legally, because the drawer is really empty.

And which moralistic garden slug got up on TV the other day and told the people of the Pittsburgh Jewish Community they should be praying.  Um… exactly what were they doing when so many were shot.  Same for those in the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston South Carolina three years ago.  

We don’t have a climate of hate here.  Hate is only a side effect.  What we have is a climate of cold stupidity.  It’s time for a climate change.

--Someone beat Boston businessman Whitey Bulger to death soon after his arrival inside the federal prison at Bruceton Mills, West Virginia… about 30 miles east of Morgantown.  Bulger was 89 and was bounced around from federal lockup to federal lockup since he was sentenced to two life terms for eleven murders.  In prison, with guys like Whitey, this is considered natural causes.

I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®
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