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2012 Megyn and Maxine and CNN and the Big Stroll

What’s wrong with this picture of the original Amos ‘n’ Andy?

When Megyn Kelly jumped from cable and landed at NBC, this space forecast internal trouble there. It looks now like that has come to pass and metastasized.

NBC is finally-- FINALLY-- preparing to send Megyn Kelly to her next job, pitching makeup on a shopping channel or making infomercials for Lee Press-on Nails.  The former foxy Fox lady said something about the Halloween "Costume Police" on her show and added she saw nothing wrong with white people dressing up in blackface "as long as they're playing a character."

The boss, Andy Lack, held a staff meeting and condemned the remark.  And Nightly News, Today and MSNBC had a hard time containing their glee behind "sincere face" masks in reporting the story.  They would not have done that without sanction from the front office.  Especially in light of her terrible ratings.  "Live with Kathy and Ryan" the innocuous talk show beat her regularly with simple fun stuff.  

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, whose face is naturally black, was multi-targeted by the mad bomber.  That's pretty important in the greater scheme of schemes.  Presidential and ex-presidential mail is inspected before it is delivered. So those care packages didn't reach the Obama or Clinton households.  The CNN one was delivered by mistake, but it is the kind of mistake no trumpian bomber would regret.
Waters has become the object of right-wing hate.  She has all the requirements:  She’s an outspoken liberal with congressional clout, she is black, and (horror of horrors,) she’s a “she.”
The perfect target.

Whoever sent those glass shard filled bombs to Waters, George Soros, the Obamas, the Clintons, Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo. Robert de Niro and who knows who-all else was a rank amateur. You want to send bombs?  Study the masters: George Metesky, Ted Kaczynski, Timothy McVey and Osama bin Laden.

It was kind of fun watching Governor Andrew Cuomo and his brother, CNN correspondent Chris Cuomo chatting with each other on live television while mayor de Blastoff and his faithful sidekick Jimmy O'Neill the police commissioner preaching peace on earth and good will toward the FBI, the ATF and any other alphabet agency they could think of.
No territorial disputes today, says the commissioner. Lighten up says the mayor.
 For us news types, a big story of the day is how CNN managed to keep being CNN with its building empty and locked down. And they didn't miss a beat.

While all this bomb stuff was going on, few were saying anything much new about the people fleeing north.  Except for the president.
The ground did not open up and swallow 7,000 people strolling and stumbling through Central America in hopes of political asylum in Mexico, if not the United States.  Political asylum in Mexico?  Think about what that means.
As for using the armed forces as border cops, can the Pentagon say "no" to the commander-in-chief?  Is that a question of law? A moral question? What? 
Defense Secretary Mattis says “how high” to trump’s order to jump.
Can anyone find any of those middle east terrorist types among the strollers and stumblers?  No one has yet, except the imaginary border patrol guys trump calls in the middle of the night on the iPhone Putin lent him in between tweets and rallies.

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