Wednesday, December 09, 2020

4675 WestraDamus and the 2024 Election

 WestraDamus at his secret seaside laboratory in Moote Pointe, NY. Photo is undated but predates his move to the secret mini-mountainside laboratory in NewRoses, PA in 2014.


MOOTE POINT, New York -- The Non-prophet normally antedicts the past and has a terrible track record.  He gets almost everything wrong. That’s his shtick. But we have convinced him to suspend his trump era retirement to look ahead to the next Presidential election.

WestraDamus says:


The pseudo president trump has no intention of running for a second term. He was an accidental winner in 2016. While he may be stupid, in reality he isn’t that dumb.  What he’s doing is what he does best: panhandling.


‘Damus continues: He’ll likely take the money and use it to build a media empire.  It will be a small empire.  Or an Area Code Overlay Empire, like when the phone company runs out of numbers, it makes a second area code in that zone so everyone can get as many new numbers as they like.  Most of New York City started with 212.  When everyone got fax machines and cell phones, they added 917.  Now they have umpteen area codes.  But everyone has enough phones, fax machines and iPads.


Westradamus’ prediction track record isn’t all that good. In fact, it’s downright terrible.  He usually gets even the past wrong as it passes him by.  So this prediction is not something on which you should consult your bookie.  But it IS possible.



-Since Open enrollment has closed, we’re no longer forced to watch the unending ads for Medicare Advantage plans.


-The Niagara of those ads taught me several things, the most important of which is Joe Namath shouldn’t talk on television.


I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ® 

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