Friday, December 11, 2020

4676 Just Doin' My Job


This is the worst excuse for misbehavior yet concocted by the concoctors of bad excuses.  When you’re faced with a cop and you know you weren’t speeding, he or she will tell you “only doin’ my job.” Then you get the ticket and the sanctimonious “Have a nice day.”


The customer disservice operator who can’t help you is in the same boat.  So will the medical professional who shows up in his golf outfit an hour after you were to have an exam.


The teacher who flunks you when you know you’ve earned a “D.”  The plumber with plumber’s block who bills you even when the pipe continues to leak.


The guy with the Tommy gun who comes to collect the vigorish which you can’t pay “until next week.”

Granted, sometimes it’s legit.  But it’s often abused.


Some suggested responses to this:


--Do it somewhere else.

--I should help you do a terrible job like that?

--Why me?

--They pay you for this?

--Your job is stopping innocent motorists and accuse them of speeding?

--Your job is to bash out my taillight so you can plant meth or pot on my empty passenger seat?

--Your job is weighing your thumb when I buy lamb chops and bananas?

--Your job is patting down teenage girls with large handbags and who shop at lingerie stores?

--Your job is writing blog posts that demean America’s Great (Again) President?

--Your job is using high pressure firehoses to force water in the face of the planet?


--Making sure that your cows use fishing streams as toilets?

--Earning commissions on my stock losses?

--Receiving bonuses for running a good company into the ground?

--Selling financial products with gains and losses based on no actual production but plenty of trafficking in speculative buys and sells?

--Selling costume jewelry as exotic stones no one ever heard of before?

--Making your kids vaccination free and free to infect dozens of other kids?

--Going bare faced instead of masking up during a pandemic? (Chances are you look better masked than un-masked.)

--Pushing propaganda and calling it news?

--Shilling for hospitals that are really fake charities?

--Shilling for casinos where your customers can bet the rent and the grocery money on sure losers?


The list is endless.  The profits are wonderful. Until you’re caught.  Which often you aren’t.


I’m Wes Richards. My opinions are my own but you’re welcome to them. ®

Any Questions?

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