Friday, May 21, 2021

Mini 019 Wearing a Work of Art


The lofty Design Museum of London, England is putting on a show of sneakers. It’s called “unboxed.” Sneakers as a work of art?  An example of design?  What… they have Art Deco sneakers?  Maybe Bauhaus? Did i.m. Pei or Frank Lloyd Wright make extra money in the slow season by designing footwear?


Sneakers started their lives much less grandly. They were made for use on the courts and sandlots.  Cheap shoes with good soles suitable for a sprint or someone running bases.


Basketball until recently was the sport of the poor.  You could outfit a team of five with sneakers at five bucks a pop and make a hoop out of a wire hanger.


Not anymore.  Gotta have those Air Jordans or Jimmy Choos or Nike “Red Octobers” that went for $7500 a pair. $3750 per foot.  More expensive per foot than your average highway or a house in a gentrified neighborhood.


This is even worse than the designer gown crowd. Leave it to the rag trade to make 50 bucks worth of fabric into an ugly red carpet gown that sells for eleven grand and gets worn once by the original owner.


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